Growing a Garden is More Than Vegetables

Idea hopes to foster growth in both greens and community pride

A group of Outlook residents are hoping to begin a garden in town where not only vegetables would grow, but friendships and community too.

Connie Achtymichuk and Garth Weiterman are looking at putting a committee together to spearhead the formation of a community garden. Achtymichuk, provincial crop specialist, said she was seeing more new families in town living in apartments and not having access to a garden space. “A community garden,” she remarked, “would provide people with opportunities to grow their own food and it is a nice way to foster community atmosphere.” Weiterman, agrologist and retired Provincial Water & Soils specialist added, “In talking with people approaching retirement I hear them say they don’t care where they go as long as they can have their garden. It’s that important to people, so we want to look at providing access through a community garden.”

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They have begun investigating potential sites and the type of garden it could be. One possibility is an allotment garden in which a plot is rented out to an individual, or another option is one that is worked on collectively and the produce is shared. A third option would be a combination of the two.

Some experienced gardeners have been approached who would be willing to mentor the gardeners and provide assistance where needed. It could be a good opportunity for those who are new to gardening and want to learn more, as well as to seasoned veterans who want to enjoy a garden but may not want to take on all the work themselves.

With the growing season coming quickly the group needs a commitment from those interested in being part of this. They are also looking to see if there might be people with extra gardening tools or hoses who would be willing to donate those items to get the project off the ground.

Weiterman said, “We would like to try and get something going this year. Maybe we can start small and see what happens, but we need people to commit to the project.”

If you are interested in participating, you are asked to contact Connie Achtymichuk at or Garth Weiterman at They need to know the interest level by Easter to gage how to proceed.

A community garden can be a great place to meet new people and form bonds over shared interests. Achtymichuk said, “I have a passion for gardening and would love to see this happen here. This is not only about growing our own food. This is more about building community.”

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