Outlook park hosting a 'Christmas Drive-Thru'

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting up obstacles when it comes to planning almost anything these days, many organizers are being forced to be a little more innovative and creative in coming up with events that welcome the public.

That’s precisely what the Outlook & District Regional Park has in store with its newest idea, a Christmas Drive-Thru that is inviting businesses to participate.

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For $20, businesses and organizations can book a site and decorate it to the nines with all sorts of holiday cheer.  You can also put up signage to advertise.

The decorated sites will be located just off the main road when you come down the hill into the park.

Kaitlyn Gifford of the Regional Park says they wanted to do something for the holidays and capitalize on the momentum from a recent event that proved to be successful.

“Cara Drury, our idea girl!” said Kaitlyn, on who came up with the drive-thru event.  “We wanted to do something in the winter for the holidays, especially after the Halloween event we had.”

Gifford is referring to the Haunted Walk Through the Woods event the Park ran on Halloween, which saw the bowl area of the park transformed into a ghoulish graveyard setting.  This newest event is something of a cross between a trade show setting with the business aspect and the popular Enchanted Forest held in Saskatoon every holiday season.

Gifford says there are 26 sites available to be booked and that roughly 10 of them are already snapped up, so those wishing to participate better reach out now in order to take part in the event.

The public will be able to go down into the park and drive around to take in all the lights and decorations at each site.  There may be a minimal fee at the gate of $5 per vehicle or else a request for a monetary donation to the park.

The drive-thru will run from December 16-23 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm each evening.  The Park is planning to coordinate with the Town’s fireworks display, which is in talks to be held on the night of Wednesday, December 23.  This date is unconfirmed as of this writing, so be sure to watch for details.

Business and organizations wishing to book a site can contact Kaitlyn at outlookregpark@sasktel.net in order to sign up.  The deadline is Friday, December 4.

The Park is looking forward to the drive-thru event, which is promising to be a safe and festive way for everyone in the community to join in and celebrate the Christmas season.

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