Outlook Regional Park issues survey to assess needs

The Outlook & District Regional Park wants to know what you think of the amenities offered in the local greenspace and what steps could possibly be taken to improve the area in the future.

A needs assessment survey has been drawn up and those with the Park are asking the public to fill it out so that officials can have a clearer idea of what is popular with most attendees, as well as what may be lacking in certain areas.  The results of this survey may help shape the future of the Park.

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Questions include what activities one enjoys most in the Park, as well as what kind of amenities one would like to see such as live events, recreational attractions (mini golf, etc.) or other services such as a concession.

Paper copies of the survey have gone out in a number of Outlook mailboxes, but additional ones are available at the Park’s entry booth.  As well, you can take the survey online by going to the following web link:  surveymonkey.com/r/W7ZQ59Y

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