Outlook school holds drive-thru goodbye station

Perhaps the most enduring qualities that have been applied to teachers and educators seemingly everywhere since the beginning of the COVID pandemic are the ability to adapt and think outside the box when it comes to reaching their students and connected families.

On Friday, June 26, staff from Outlook Elementary School sure seemed to adapt and present some out of the box thinking when it came to saying goodbye to students for the summer break.

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Kids stopped by to visit teachers and collect goodies for the summer. - Derek Ruttle

For a couple of hours in the hot afternoon sun, teachers backed their vehicles up near the bus loop road located just outside the school and relaxed by their stations while waiting for parents and students to arrive.  When they did, kids stopped by the stations manned by their specific teachers, who gifted students with items such as fun summer games, puzzles and activities.  When each vehicle was about to exit the loop, they made one final stop for an OES newsletter and cold treats for the kids.

For kids and parents, the ‘drive-thru service’ was a fun and rather convenient way to stop in and say farewell for the summer.  For OES teachers and staff, it was a unique way of connecting and, in some cases, perhaps reconnecting with the youngsters that make up the classrooms.

A cold treat from Outlook Elementary School staff was the perfect way to cool off on a hot Friday afternoon. - Derek Ruttle
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