The Outlook Asks: What Stories Connected with You?

We ask YOU, our readers, to give us your favorite stories of the year!

In the weekly news business, the three of us here at The Outlook (well, four if you include Weiss the St. Bernard, which he insists we do) tend to live our professional lives a week in advance, if not longer.  As soon as one issue has been put to bed and published, SHOOM, it’s on to putting together the next one, and we’re always thinking about the one after that, and then the one after that, and the one after that, and we think you understand the point I’m trying to get across.

We appreciate it so much and we’re incredibly grateful when we hear that a certain article, feature story, photo or column has personally touched one of our readers and resonated with them.  While we’re busy running around and gathering all the news that’s important to you in Outlook and the surrounding Lake Diefenbaker region, sometimes we in the news business forget to stop and smell the roses when it comes to realizing the impact – big or small – that we can have with many of our dedicated readers.

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With that in mind, we want to pose the following question to all of you:

What stories connected with you the most in 2019?

As we enter into a new year – and a new decade – The Outlook will have published 47 issues this year as of December 19.  That’s 47 issues worth of front-page headlines and all the news from the areas of local sports, politics, lifestyles, education, and current events.  As well, that’s 47 weeks worth of editorials, and a large handful of special features that I like to call those “slice of life” stories about the interesting people we have right here in our local area.

What were your favorites?  Why?  What was so special to you about a particular article or story?  Was there a certain edition of ‘My Outlook’ or ‘The Ruttle Report’ that stood out to you?  We want to know!

Get in touch with us by email, drop us a message on our Facebook page, or even send us a good old-fashioned letter!  Please include your name and address.  Let us know what your favorites in The Outlook were in 2019, and we’ll include all submissions in a ‘Readers Pick Their Favorites’ article in one of the first editions of 2020!

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