Village of Elbow 'flips the switch' on Christmas spirit

For one night, the village of Elbow may very well have become Christmastown as the lakeside community hosted an evening of holiday lights, displays, festive treats and even a few fireworks last weekend.

On Saturday, December 5, Elbow’s population may have temporarily doubled as dozens of vehicles could be seen coming into town to check out the community’s ‘Flip the Switch’ event, sponsored by the Elbow Farmer’s Market, which saw everyone’s Christmas lights and decorations turn on at 6:00 pm.  At the Harbor Golf Club, Santa Claus himself was joined by some helpful volunteers to hand out treats and hot chocolate to those driving through the parking lot, while also taking names to enter into a draw for a Christmas basket of goodies.

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Village of Elbow 'flips the switch' on Christmas spirit_1
Santa Claus helped volunteers hand out good and hot chocolate at the Harbor Golf Club. - Derek Ruttle
Village of Elbow 'flips the switch' on Christmas spirit_3
Lights and displays around Elbow had the attention of motorists. - Derek Ruttle

As vehicles seemed to zig-zag through the streets, avenues and lanes around the village to take in the festivities, the spirit of the holiday season could hardly be ignored.  Over at the bar, a handful of fireworks lit up the night sky as Christmas music pored over Elbow’s main street, which was lined with vehicles of patrons who came to take in all the action.  It wasn’t long before a few of them took to literally dancing in the street, no doubt swept up in all the holiday spirit, and perhaps even a spirit or two that comes served in a glass over ice.

Village of Elbow 'flips the switch' on Christmas spirit_4
Source: Derek Ruttle

When all was said and done, the winning homes that took top honors with their lights and displays were Rod & Joanne Daniluk ($300), Tyler & Stacy Gifford ($100) and Jim & Twyla Martin ($60).  The three pairs were each gifted with ‘Elbow bucks’, which are redeemable at any Elbow business or at the local farmer’s market until next September.  Honorable mentions were issued to the homes of Penny Aaudland, Pete Bowring, Bill Boyle, and the Bartells, who each received $20, while the winner of the Christmas basket of goodies was Trish Knutson.

Village of Elbow 'flips the switch' on Christmas spirit_7
A brief fireworks display added to the spirit of the event. - Derek Ruttle

With the 2020 holiday season occurring while still in the midst of the COVID pandemic, it appears as though volunteers and organizations in small towns everywhere are getting creative and coming up with new ways to help ring in the season in order to bring some much-needed Christmas cheer.  In the case of the village of Elbow, that creativity and cheer were on full display on this night.

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