Gas Tax Fund: Outlook Benefits Huge

Communities around the province seeing 'double' in payments

Communities in the province will be enjoying double the benefits this year when it comes to receiving much-needed funds for infrastructure priorities such as roads, water and recreation projects.

Saskatchewan has received the first of two $31.2 million installments of the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) for the 2019-20 fiscal year, along with a top-up amount of $61.9 million that was made possible through Budget 2019.  This top-up effectively doubles the amount of money that has been earmarked for communities across the province, allowing them to carry out projects affecting the well-being of their residents.

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“The Government of Canada is proud to deliver this stable, predictable long-term funding that communities rely on to develop their public infrastructure. By working with other orders of government, we are making significant progress and delivering concrete results for all Canadians. From improving roads, water services and energy efficiency, to enhancing recreation and tourism centres, the federal Gas Tax Fund is helping keep families safe, promote economic development and improve people’s quality of life across the country,” said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities in a media release.

“The federal Gas Tax Fund provides Saskatchewan municipalities the opportunity to advance local infrastructure projects that best meet the needs of their citizens. The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to play a role in this program. By administering this federal funding, we help make our communities even better places to live, work and play,” said the Honourable Lori Carr, Saskatchewan Minister of Government Relations.

Towns and villages in the Lake Diefenbaker region that will benefit doubly from this announcement includes the Town of Outlook.  Combining the Gas Tax Fund’s original allocation ($134,461) and the top-up from Budget 2019 ($140,174), the Town will receive a total of $274,635.  It remains to be seen how the Town will use the impressive funding.

Other communities in the local area receiving funding from the Gas Tax Fund and a top-up from Budget 2019 include:

Beechy – $13,452 (GTF), $15,200 (top-up)
Broderick - $5,015 (GTF), $4,516 (top-up)
Conquest - $9,440 (GTF), $11,194 (top-up)
Coteau Beach - $2,832 (GTF), $2,544 (top-up)
Coteau No. 255 - $28,025 (GTF), $26,712 (top-up)
Dinsmore - $17,051 (GTF), $20,225 (top-up)
Elbow - $19,883 (GTF), $19,970 (top-up)
Fertile Valley No. 285 - $31,801 (GTF), $32,500 (top-up)
Glenside - $4,484 (GTF), $5,342 (top-up)
Hanley - $30,149 (GTF), $33,199 (top-up)
Hawarden - $3,068 (GTF), $3,180 (top-up)
Kenaston - $16,638 (GTF), $18,126 (top-up)
King George No. 256 - $13,334 (GTF), $13,801 (top-up)
Loreburn - $6,313 (GTF), $6,805 (top-up)
Loreburn No. 254 - $19,293 (GTF), $22,006 (top-up)
Lucky Lake - $17,051 (GTF), $18,253 (top-up)
Milden - $9,853 (GTF), $11,512 (top-up)
Milden No. 286 - $19,293 (GTF), $17,999 (top-up)
Mistusinne - $4,543 (GTF), $4,198 (top-up)
Rudy No. 284 - $27,494 (GTF), $29,956 (top-up)
Strongfield - $2,360 (GTF), $2,544 (top-up)

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