Federal Candidates Forum in Outlook Next Week

Moderated Q&A session invites candidates in local riding

If you’re unsure of where your vote may go in the federal election and want to know where your candidates stand on the issues, a special event being organized by the Outlook & District Chamber of Commerce might help in making a decision by the time Canadians go to the ballot boxes.

The Chamber is hosting an All Candidates Forum & Debate for the Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan riding, taking place on Wednesday night, October 16 at the Outlook Civic Centre starting at 7:00 pm.

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This free event is an opportunity to listen to the candidates in the riding that includes Outlook and the local area on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River/Lake Diefenbaker.  It’s a chance to hear their take on the issues affecting the local constituency and talk to them in person.

A moderator will be on hand to ask questions of the candidates.

At the time of this issue, it was not known exactly how many of the five candidates had confirmed their presence at the forum.

For those looking for a refresher on who your candidates are in the Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan riding, we offer the following information on each of the five who are running in this year’s federal election, courtesy of their official websites.

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Green Party Candidate – Gillian Walker

Gillian Walker is currently a student at the University of Saskatchewan studying education. During the summer of 2019 they worked for a renewable energy company based in Saskatoon aiding the team to bring Solar and Geothermal energy to Saskatchewan residents. Gillian is a member of the LGBTQIA2+ community and identifies as Transgender Non-Binary using gender neutral pro-nouns They/Them/Their.

Gillian previously attended the U of S for Mechanical Engineering graduating in 2014, but in 2018 they decided it was time for a career change to something they are truly passionate about, teaching. In the past Gillian has worked as a STEM ambassador teaching science lessons and running camps in rural communities and as far north as Uranium City. Gillian has also worked for the Canadian Light Source, Canada’s only synchrotron research facility. Their excitement for teaching was rekindled working with high school students from across Canada who came to do projects.

Gillian was drawn to the Green Party at a young age having completed a program for 8th grade students in Saskatoon called EcoQuest. That year responsibility and respect for the environment became a major influence on Gillian’s life and actions. Gillian is especially excited by the Green Party’s stance on investing in green transportation, infrastructure and energy. They are also committed to providing resources and support for reconciliation and healing for all Canadians. They are also hoping to help expand and improve our healthcare systems, especially for fellow Queer people.

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People’s Party of Canada Candidate – Chey Craik

“I have a good idea of what individuals and families are craving in a representative,” Craik states on his official website.

Moose Jaw’s Chey Craik is the epitome of who the People’s Party of Canada seeks to represent; hard-working, everyday Canadians tired of the status quo in Ottawa.

Chey is fully onboard for the new politics the PPC is proposing by running for the party in the electoral district of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan in the next federal election.

Raised on a farm near Moose Jaw, Chey proceeded to spend nearly two decades in the rail industry, ultimately managing crews of more than 300 employees. He has since moved on to become a business owner and contractor.

“I have a passion for people and a burden to help repair our broken system, so politics was the next natural step for me.”

Married for 17 years to wife, Corelie, the couple has two teenage children and continue to make Moose Jaw their home.

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Conservative Party Candidate – Tom Lukiwski

Born in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan in 1951, Tom has been a lifelong resident of the province and has lived in the riding of Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre for over two decades.

Although first elected as a Member of Parliament in 2004, Tom Lukiwski has been a leader in Saskatchewan public life for many years. Previous to running for federal politics, Tom was responsible for running his own small business. Tom’s professional career included serving as the Executive Director of the former Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan and General Manager of the Saskatchewan Party.

Tom was first elected to the House of Commons on June 28th, 2004. During this time he served as the Chair of the Saskatchewan Conservative Caucus. He has sat on many Parliamentary Committees including the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics. He was also instrumental on the subcommittee that dealt with the Federal Accountability Act.

After being re-elected in January of 2006, Tom was sworn in at Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons. He was once again re-elected in October 2008 and again in May 2011. Tom played an active role in his duties as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader, and on the Procedure and House Affairs Committee.

In 2015, Tom was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for the new riding of Moose Jaw – Lake Centre – Lanigan.

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Liberal Party Candidate – Cecilia Melanson

Cecilia Melanson, originally from Ecuador, is a Graphic Designer, Notary Public in Saskatchewan. Cecilia has been making a difference in the community through her professional service for many years, building relationships with citizens. It is how well you connect with the heart-beating people you are trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

In addition to her professional achievements, Cecilia provides childcare service and is currently undertaking studies in Early Childhood Education program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. She believes it’s important to support development of next generations of Canadians, regardless of their background, religion, race and gender, and prepare them to reach for their dreams.

Cecilia resides in Deer Valley, Saskatchewan. Married and raising two kids. Modeling a great example through community service has been fun and rewarding.

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NDP Candidate – Talon Regent

Talon is a lawyer and businessman driven to make Canada a fairer, better place for everyone. Recognized by the Chamber of Commerce for business excellence every year since 2017, Talon has also been called one of Canada's 'Lawyers to Watch' and one of Canada's leading lawyers under 40.

He has always been dedicated to building up his community, volunteering with the Human Rights Commission and serving as a member of the Moose Jaw Elks and Chairman of the Judiciary for the Saskatchewan Elks. Talon also often provides free legal services to charities and people with low incomes.

Talon was born and raised on the prairies – and his deep roots in the area mean he knows the challenges facing Saskatchewan families. He’s ready to stand with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP to make life more affordable for all Canadians by delivering universal pharmacare, good, sustainable jobs, and better services for families.

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