Major projects for Outlook, Elbow seek federal funding

Major infrastructure projects that have gotten the greenlight from the provincial government will now head to Ottawa to seek additional funding.

The province announced last week it has recommended more than 120 infrastructure projects to Canada for final approval under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).  These projects represent more than $192 million in provincial funding.

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“The faster we can move these projects forward, the faster communities, businesses and families will benefit from them,” Government Relations Minister Lori Carr said in a media release.  “Once completed, the legacy of these projects will improve quality of life and make our great province an even better place to call home.  The provincial government encourages its federal counterparts to work as quickly as possible and approve these projects.”

The province had opened a detailed online application process on December 18, 2019, which was extended until May 15, 2020 due to COVID-19.

The two infrastructure funding streams accepting applications during that intake were Green, along with Community, Culture and Recreation.  The province recommended projects to the Government of Canada as part of the process.

Funding contributions from the federal government, provincial government and approved applicant can vary for each project, depending on its type and the final contribution agreement.  Any additional costs for an approved project are the responsibility of the applicant.

Two of those projects looking for federal funding come from the Town of Outlook and the Village of Elbow.

In Outlook, a project aimed at enhancing the Town’s raw water intake system as well as upgrades to the water treatment plant carries an estimated price tag of $7,357,460.  Breaking down the numbers, this equates to $2,452,241 being committed by the province and a potential federal share of $2,942,984, while the Town itself (or Applicant) is to contribute $1,962,235.

In Elbow, the community’s vision of a multi-purpose facility building carries an estimated project cost of $6.5 million.  The province has committed $2,166,450 and the federal share amounts to $2,600,000, while the Village (Applicant) is to contribute $1,733,550.  A meeting held earlier this year prior to the COVID pandemic asked Elbow and area residents what sort of amenities people were looking for should the community apply for such funding, with a multi-purpose community centre being the predominant answer.

Rachel Sillers, Acting Administrator for the Town of Outlook, touched on the Town’s portion of the project and the source of said monies.

“In short, the estimated Municipal portion of the project would most likely be from a combination of sources including reserves, partnerships, and borrowing (if necessary),” said Sillers, in an email to The Outlook.  “The submission to ICIP was the first step towards grant funding for a project this size and until we receive approval, we cannot start any work on the project itself.”

As well, other projects seeking additional monies in the local area include the Resort Village of Coteau, which is looking for $38,208 from Ottawa to aid in its community centre construction, with an estimated total cost of $95,521.  In addition, the Village of Kenaston is seeking $174,200 from the federal government to help in a lift station upgrade project, which has an estimated total cost of $435,500.

Under ICIP, the province has secured more than $896 million in federal funding over 10 years to support all types of eligible infrastructure projects in the province.

The projects were submitted between June 2020 and September 2020.

Additional intakes for proposed projects will occur in the fall under ICIP in Saskatchewan.  The province says that previously unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to resubmit projects, if eligible for consideration under the intake stream open at that time.

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