Milden business fined for violating health order

A business in the village of Milden has been levied a fine for violating the public health orders related to COVID-19.

Officers issued a ticket just after Christmas to Milden Hotel owner Christine Brown for non-compliance with the public masking order.  A video posted to social media captures the bulk of the interaction between Brown and officers delivering the fine notice.

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In the video, Brown can he heard telling the officers that she’s “never at the bar” and that she directs her staff, who she says, “wear their masks most of the time.”

The fine issued is in the amount of $14,000.

If she chooses, Brown will have an opportunity to fight the ticket in an Outlook court room in April.  The video clip indicates that she plans to do so and that she has support.

That support comes in the form of the provincial chapter of what’s called The Freedom Alliance, a group of like-minded individuals which raises funds by way of crowdfunding campaigns to pay for fines such as this one, as well as others that have been issued after recent anti-masking and freedom demonstrations held in larger urban areas.

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