Outlook Council Sets Second Public Meeting

Residents will learn info, have their say in public event

It’s time once again for the people to have their say.

Residents of Outlook are being invited to another public town meeting that was set by town council at their regular meeting this past Wednesday night.  The event will be an opportunity for people to learn information on the direction Outlook is heading in, as well as share thoughts and opinions, and ask questions of their local elected officials.

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The meeting will take place on Wednesday night, January 30 at the Outlook Civic Centre starting promptly at 7:30 pm.

This will be the second event to be held between Outlook’s town council and the public following the first meeting that was held in late November 2017.  That event saw discussion on a number of topics including the new swimming pool, plans for a new fire hall, and the regional landfill proposal, and saw a lively turnout of approximately 400 people, demonstrating the vested interest that taxpaying residents have in what’s going on in their community.

In discussing plans for the second meeting, council have talked about providing a multimedia PowerPoint presentation aimed at giving people as much information as possible.  Key topics to be discussed may also include the swimming pool, the landfill, the Mann Street subdivision project, and taxes.  It’s expected that, much like the first public forum, a moderator will once again be present to help facilitate the meeting.

Residents who wish to share their views, ask questions and learn key information in order to stay informed may want to attend.

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