Outlook Elementary School seeks new playground features

A local school is hoping to unveil some new playground equipment for the kids to enjoy much sooner than later if their fundraising goal gets met.

Outlook Elementary School is on the lookout for funds in order to reach their goal of installing all new equipment for the students – and essentially, the entire community – to use and enjoy.

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Principal Darla Thorstad says the dollar amount that needs to be raised would help the school achieve that goal.

“We have started to fundraise for new playground equipment - our end goal is to raise enough money to replace all the current structures,” said Thorstad.  “Because we are needing to raise over $200,000 we are looking for grants we could apply for, donations of any kind or even corporate sponsorship.”

Thorstad gives big credit to the students and their families for making the school’s fundraising efforts to date successful.

“We had a very successful fundraiser before Christmas where students/families were selling Hot Chocolate dippers,” said Thorstad, giving examples of what students and their families have done to contribute.  “The fantastic efforts of the OES School Community Council played a major role in that success.  Our SCC has taken over planning all the fundraisers this year - Hot Chocolate dippers was in December, Prairie Bean Roastery and Happy Days Mobile Snacks Popcorn in March and we will finish the year with a Bedding plant fundraiser where we will partner with another local business.  We also have been collecting donations from community members who have recycled their cans and bottles at our local SARCAN and chosen to donate their earnings to OES Playground.  We have greatly appreciated the community support in our project.”

Thorstad says there is no concrete timeline on when the school hopes to install the new playground features, though the plan is to move ahead as soon as they can.  As long as fundraising proves to be successful and the goal is reached, OES will indeed receive a makeover in its schoolyard.

“We need the new playground equipment as soon as we can afford it,” she said.  “The timeline will be dependent on how our fundraising, etc. goes.”

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