Outlook Plays Host to AHL Calder Cup

Community event welcomes hometown boy and trophy

It may have been the middle of a super hot and dry August, but hockey fever seemed to sweep over the community for at least one day when the Calder Cup of the American Hockey League was prominently put on display in Outlook on Tuesday, August 14.

The Cup arrived courtesy of Bruce Peter, son of Tony & Betty Peter of Outlook, who works for the Toronto Marlies hockey team in analytics.  The Marlies won the Cup earlier this year by defeating the Texas Stars in the seven-game league final, marking the first time in the team’s history that they’ve won the title and trophy.

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As a member of the organization, Bruce was able to bring the Calder Cup to his hometown, and AG Foods played host to the festivities by holding a BBQ lunch consisting of burgers, hot dogs, chips and cold drinks, while the Cup was on display on the cement pad behind the store, where folks enjoyed their meals in the shade and members of the Outlook Ice Hawks played games of ball hockey with local kids for the afternoon.

Fans marveled at the Cup and many beamed with pride at the fact that one of the community’s own brought it home to celebrate.  Bruce remarked that the Cup has been here, there and everywhere and he was proud to bring it home to small town Saskatchewan, and commended his parents for helping to set up this very special ‘homecoming’.

Following the day’s events, Tony emailed this reporter with a unique, poetic take on the arrival of the Cup.

‘Calder Comes Home’

Every team member gets a day
To celebrate the win with the cup,
Wherever they choose.
Our son, Bruce, chose his hometown.
The day arrived filled with anticipation,
Excitement and anxiety to get going
To travel to Fedex in the city
To kickstart the planned festivities.
An hour later, a text arrived
Showing the happy recipient
Claiming the delivered package.

Photo time as the cup posed
With one, then the next
Single shots, group photos
One background then the next
Smiles and excitement
Sisters, parents, uncles and aunts,
Even a cousin came out to touch
And experience the joy of the day.

Then on to the public showing
Friends, neighbours and well wishers
Gathered at the celebratory barbecue
To view, discuss and question
The young man in his moment of glory.
Who knew all those hockey cards would lead
To analytics, the newest way of improving the game.

Youngsters played ball hockey with dads
Then gathered to admire the trophy
Awed when they were permitted to touch
The holy grail, eyes filled with delight
Wondering when their chance might come.

After the celebration more photos
The publicity department wanting local scenes
To promote and advertise the team,
All done by a smiling, thrilled young man,
Living a dream.

© The Outlook

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