Outlook RCMP: 'Protect your business from thefts'

Next few months are prime for crime

Outlook RCMP are warning local business owners to take the proper precautions to further protect their storefronts and business locations, as this is the time of the year that thefts and petty crime begins to ramp up.

In a letter obtained through the Facebook page of the Mid Sask Community Futures Development Corporation, Sgt. Mark Langager of the Outlook RCMP detachment highlighted a number of communities surrounding Outlook that have had a handful of break-ins, and also listed how the perpetrator(s) tend to operate after they’ve selected a target.

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“Over the past 2 weeks, several towns surrounding Outlook (Davidson, Kenaston, Rosetown) have had numerous businesses broken into, but their motive and targeted businesses are different than the norm.

- When they target a town, they hit 3-4 businesses.

- Typically happens on a Sunday night into Monday morning.

- They target businesses on the main streets that are not alarmed.

- They have targeted hair salons, bowling alleys, travel agents, real estate offices, accountants, legions, seniors’ centres, doctors’ offices, dentists etc.

- They break in through a back door or window causing damage.

- They are only targeting petty cash, sometimes only $20-$80.

- They do not take any other property.

- They do not cause damage other than what they pry or break open.

- They rummage through everything causing a mess.

Please take steps to protect your business and be aware that this is the time of year that thefts and petty crime picks up.

Sgt. Mark Langager
Outlook Detachment”

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