Outlook RCMP Reveal 2018 Crime Statistics

Increase in theft related calls, most numbers stay consistent

Crime in the Outlook and surrounding region in 2018 remained somewhat consistent with the previous year’s numbers, according to Sgt. Mark Langager of the Outlook RCMP.

There was, however, an increase when it came to theft related calls.

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Courtesy of Sgt. Langager, the RCMP have shared a report with The Outlook of the 2018 crime and call statistics for the detachment area.

The detachment area for the Outlook/Elbow RCMP covers 6,339 square kilometers, with a population of around 7,200 people.  Currently, there are seven detachment members.

The report says that in 2018, Outlook RCMP had 2,019 occurrences, with 1,127 calls for service and 892 traffic offences.

In comparing 2017 and 2018 stats, there was in increase in theft related calls, going from 41 to 63.  Langager noted that all other crime types have remained consistent in the area.

In property related crimes, there were 63 reported Thefts, 16 Break and Enters, and 61 Mischiefs that were reported.

In persons related crimes, there were 27 reported Assaults, 8 Sexual Assaults, and 35 Criminal Harassment/Uttering Threats that were reported.

In 2018, there were 65 Motor Vehicle Accidents, with three of them causing injuries, and two of them being fatal.

In the area of impaired driving, there were 24 Impaired Driver reports resulting in eight Impaired Driving charges.

One key area that was focused on in 2018 and continues to be as we delve more and more into a digital age is cases of fraud.

Last year, 128 Fraud calls were reported; this amounted to 123 being mass-marketing frauds, and five local fraud cases were solved.  As a part of Operation Octavai, an operation that targets phone scams, there were raids that were conducted to a number of call centres in Mumbai, India, and a number of arrests were made.

In other Criminal Code charges for the year, there were 83 investigations that were done.  The majority of these charges resulted in breach of release or probation conditions.  Another 172 investigations were conducted on Provincial Statutes such as fires, 9-1-1 calls, the Family Relations Act, and Mental Health Act calls.

The RCMP also responded to 112 Common Police Activities such as False Alarms, Animals Calls, Abandoned Vehicles, and Suspicious People, and another 83 Assistance to the General Public calls.

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