Outlook town council meeting minutes and highlights

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of several recent meetings held by the Town of Outlook, including Administration, Protective Services, and Committee of the Whole.

The following are highlighted motions and informational points that were made at those meetings.

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Committee of the Whole meeting – April 22

Purpose of the meeting was to review and discuss the Organizational Report from People First HR Services.

CAO Lutz reported that weekly meetings will be taking place every Monday at 8:30 a.m. with department heads to further open lines of communication; the first one is scheduled for Monday, April 27th, 2020.

Recommendation: That the CAO undertake a salary review of the organization.

Committee of the Whole meeting – April 28

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Organizational Report from People First HR Services, and other personnel matters.

CAO Lutz presented a revised Organization Chart based on Council’s comments at the April 22, 2020 Committee of the Whole meeting, and also presented a proposed salary grid based on the results of the organization’s salary review.

Recommendation: That we accept the proposed salary grid and further that it be implemented immediately with the understanding that current wages stand in accordance to the approved budget, and that step increases for existing staff will take place beginning in 2021 where applicable.

Recommendation: That we accept the revised Organization Chart as presented, and further instruct Administration to revise job descriptions for the following positions to be implemented immediately: Public Works Foreman Public Works Clerk Superintendent of Municipal Operations

Recommendation: That Administration look into options for Government funding for the potential onboarding of an Economic Development Officer/Tourism Director in 2021.

Recommendation: That Administration develop a vehicle and equipment maintenance checklist(s) to determine the amount of repairs needed for each unit, and to further help determine whether the Town would benefit from having a mechanic on staff versus having a service contract with a local business.

Protective Services Committee meeting – May 7

The purpose of the meeting was to review the requested changes to the Protective Services Agreement from Rural Municipality of Rudy No.284, and to review the design documents prepared by Walker Projects for the Firehall Project.

Connor Chow and his team from Walker Projects joined the meeting at 7:05 p.m. via Zoom.

During the discussion with Walker Projects it was identified that there are still several changes that need to be made to the building design, notably: overall size increase to 180’ to accommodate a larger turnout gear room and additional bay, redistributing locations of rooms including the tool and compressor room, changes to the washroom placement and shower(s), and removal of equipment lockers from the South wall.

Based on the Firehall discussion staff will forward our requested changes to Walker Projects as soon as possible, and Walker’s will incorporate those changes and send us a revised plan. The Committee would like to have the updated plans to review at the second regular meeting this month (May 27, 2020).

The Committee had no issues with the new proposed placement of the Firehall which moved South approximately 10’ to accommodate a larger driveway between the proposed new building and the existing building. Given the new proposed placement the Town will have to explore consolidating parcels G and K as the building will be straddling the property line.

Walker Projects left the meeting at 8:10 p.m.

The Committee reviewed the changes to the Protective Services agreement requested by the RM of Rudy at the Special Meeting held Wednesday May 6th, 2020. Changes to the agreement are (1) the addition of section 4.6 outlining the lease details and ownership of the rural truck, and the deletion of subsection 5.1.1a with the detailed information on the annual retainer’s purpose which has been removed for clarity.

Recommendation: That the revised Protective Services Agreement be sent to the RM of Rudy with a letter detailing the changes as requested, and further that the letter include the following details:

The RM must complete all applicable schedules to the agreement as written (Schedules A, C, and D) The signed agreement must be accompanied with payment in full for the sum of the annual retainer.

A polite reminder that there are still balances outstanding on account for fire and airport services rendered in 2019.

Administration Committee meeting – May 11

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss personnel issues.

Recommendation: That, effective immediately, the Chief Administrative Officer or the Assistant Administrator be in attendance at all interviews.

Recommendation: That any hiring recommendations be brought to council only by the Chief Administrative Officer or the Assistant Administrator.

Recommendation: That Council consider the possibility of contracting mechanical work with Bill Bell on an hourly basis, and on an as-needed basis, at his quoted rate of $50.00 per hour, pro-rated on actual time worked.

Recommendation: That the power, gas, and water be shut off at the airport terminal building.

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