Outlook Town Council - Motions from Previous Minutes

The Outlook has obtained the minutes of the May 22 regular meeting of Outlook’s town council, as well as the minutes of the June 6 special meeting that had been called.

The following are highlighted motions that had been made at those meetings, including motions made after council exited in-camera discussions, which are closed to the public.

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May 22 Regular Meeting

Payment to Community Planning:

340/19 – Smith/Simonson:  That we approve the payment of eleven thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars ($11,950.00) to the Minister of Finance for the application fee required by Community Planning for the review of the approved Railway Avenue subdivision plan.  Carried.

Civic Centre Agreement:

342/19 – Applin/Simonson:  That we approve the revised Civic Centre Booking Agreement with the addition of “kitchen included” to be noted under the Regular Rental rates for booking clarification a copy attached hereto to form a part of these minutes.  Carried.

Swimming Pool Bank Account and Moneris Machine:

347/19 – Childerhose/Grotheim:  That we open a holding account with the Bank of Montreal to be used solely for the Van Raay and Community Swimming Pool revenues, and further that we proceed with the purchase and installation of a wired Moneris machine for the pool to accept debit and credit card payments.  Carried.

Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Ambassador Program:

350/19 – Simonson/Smith:  That we register the Town of Outlook in the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Ambassador Program for the 2019 year.  Carried.

Tree Removal Behind 6 Maple Place:

351/19 – Smith/Applin:  That we contract Jussi Kamula to remove the tree located on the Town’s easement directly behind 7 Maple Place with the Town incurring all expenses.  Carried.

Outlook & District Regional Park Operations Correspondence:

355/19 – Applin/Childerhose:  That we instruct administration to send a letter to the Outlook & District Regional Park Board to inform them not to touch, or attempt to move any of the piezometers located within, or adjacent to the Regional Park land as installed by P. Machibroda Engineering, and further that we inform them that the Regional Park staff will no longer have access to the Outlook Landfill outside regular hours effective May 27, 2019 and any loads taken out of the Regional Park must be appropriately tarped.  Carried.

SaskExpress Performance:

362/19 – Smith/Childerhose:  That we engage SaskExpress to hold a performance in Outlook during their summer 2019 tour with a date to be determined based on their availability, and further that we cost share the performance fee of $3000.00 with Equinox Theatre Group contributing one thousand dollars ($1000.00) and the Town contributing two thousand dollars ($2000.00).  Carried.

Upgrade Office Internet:

372/19 – McLeod/Applin:  That we proceed with upgrading to SaskTel internet 50 for the Town office effective June 1, 2019 at an approximate additional cost of ten dollars ($10.00) per month starting July 1, 2019.  Carried.

Purchase Office Phone Sets:

373/19 – Simonson/Applin:  That we purchase 23 replacement Nortel phone sets from Follick & Associates at a cost of three hundred and twenty-two dollars ($322.00).  Carried.

Village of Glenside Garbage Pick Up Agreement:

374/19 – Simonson/Applin:  That we advise the Village of Glenside that the Garbage Pick Up Agreement which expired on December 31, 2018 will not be renewed, and further that garbage pick-up service and access to the Outlook Landfill will cease effective June 30, 2019.  Carried.

Rudy Landing Water Supply Drawings:

376/19 – Grotheim/Applin:  That we engage Associated Engineering to complete as built drawings of the water line and valves located at the manhole located on the Town side of Rudy Landing Developments located at SW 34-29-8 W3rd.  Carried.

June 6 Special Meeting

Raw Water Intake Pump Rental

388/19 – Applin/Grotheim:  That we ratify the decision made by the Assistant Administrator to rent a diesel pump from Canada Dewatering as an emergency measure for the Town’s raw water intake for a period of one (1) month at an approximate cost of nine thousand four hundred and sixty-nine dollars and fifty cents ($9,469.50) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment

389/19 – Smith/Childerhose:  That we proceed with purchasing safety equipment for the Van Raay & Community Swimming Pool from Splashables at a cost of nine thousand five hundred and ninety-six dollars and seventy-four cents ($9,596.74) taxes inclusive.  Carried.

Canada Day 2019

390/19 – Grotheim/Childerhose:  That we rent three bouncy castles at an approximate cost of twelve hundred dollars ($1,200.00), two portable toilets at an approximate cost of five hundred dollars ($500.00), and a covered tent at an approximate cost of thirteen hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents ($1,387.50) for the celebrations on July 1, 2019, and that we provide cake and ice cream as a part of the Canada Day activities, and further authorize administration to use the Town credit card for the aforementioned rentals where a house account charge is not permitted.  Carried.

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