Outlook Town Council - Motions from Previous Minutes

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of the September 11 regular meeting of Outlook’s town council, as well as the adopted minutes of the most recent meetings of the Infrastructure and Recreation committees.

The following are highlighted motions that had been made at those meetings, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions, which are closed to the public.

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September 11 Regular Meeting

Rescind Resolution 635/19

659/19 – Simonson/Grotheim:  That we rescind resolution 635/19 that reads “Applin/Grotheim:  That we contract ASL Paving Ltd. to replace approximately 69.5 square meters of pavement on Chow Crescent at a cost of one hundred and twenty-five dollars and ninety-three cents ($125.93) per square meter with work to be completed no later than October 31, 2019.”  Carried.

Chow Crescent Paving

660/19 – Grotheim/Simonson:  That we contract DLN Construction to replace approximately 69.5 square meters of pavement on Chow Crescent at an estimated cost of four thousand five hundred and sixty-one dollars and twenty-one cents ($4,561.21) with work to be completed no later than October 31, 2019.  Carried.

Authorization of Expense Claims

671/19 – Applin/Childerhose:  That we authorize administration to issue payments for elected officials and staff for expense claims and regular remuneration outside of regular council meetings for amounts up to one thousand dollars ($1,000).  Carried.

War Memorial Relocation

672/19 – McLeod/Simonson:  That we instruction administration to send a letter to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #262 advising that Town Council is in support of relocating the war memorial from its current location at the swimming pool in the Outlook & District Regional Park and further request suggestions for a new location.  Carried.

Outdoor Rink Project

674/19 – Childerhose/McLeod:  That we accept the quote from Omni-Sport for the construction of the new outdoor rink at an estimated cost of one hundred and thirteen thousand nine hundred and sixteen dollars ($113,916.00) and further that we request to be first on the project list for the spring 2020 season.  Carried.

Ice Plant Start-Up and Shut-Down

678/19 – Applin/Smith:  That we accept the quote from Cimco Refrigeration for the start-up of the ice plant at the Jim Kook Rec Plex at a cost of twenty-seven hundred dollars ($2,700.00) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Town Office Wiring

681/19 – McLeod/Applin:  That we accept the quote from SaskTel to update the wiring and install a secure server cabinet in the Town Office at a cost of fourteen thousand six hundred and twenty-seven dollars and thirty-four cents ($14,627.34).  Carried.

Landfill Leachate Management Plan

686/19 – Applin/Smith:  That we approve the Tetra Tech Interim Leachate Management Plan and undertake the necessary steps to obtain approval from the Ministry of Environment and proceed with purchase and installation of the necessary equipment at an approximate cost of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) plus applicable installation costs.  Carried.

Landfill Operations Management Plan

688/19 – Grotheim/McLeod:  That we approve the revised Environmental Monitoring Plan as proposed by Tetra Tech, and further that we submit the revised plan to the Ministry of Environment and proceed with the implementation of the work as denoted in the plan at an approximate cost of fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000.00).  Carried.

Contract Planning Services

698/19 – Applin/Childerhose:  That we contract Urban Systems to complete changes to the Official Community Plan and amendments to the Zoning Bylaw at an estimated cost of nineteen thousand five hundred dollars ($19,500.00) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Chief Administrative Officer

699/19 – McLeod/Grotheim:  That we accept the Employment Agreement for Chief Administrative Officer Huguette Lutz a copy attached hereto to form a part of these minutes.  Carried.

Infrastructure Committee Meeting – Thursday, September 12

Garbage Pickup

Crystal (Fisher, office clerk) presented her report on garbage pickup fees for the Village of Broderick and explained the research she had conducted.

The committee reviewed a number of changes they think would be beneficial for in town garbage collection such as a 2 bag limit per week for residential properties, any additional bags would be required to be tagged and tags would be available at the town office.  Costs will need to be researched and brought back to the next Infrastructure Committee meeting.

After numerous calculations on how to break even on out of town garbage collection the committee determined that in order for Outlook not to be losing money picking up out of Town, the fees that would need to be charged to the Village of Broderick would not be affordable for their ratepayers.

There was also discussion on how providing services to other municipalities takes resources away from work that needs to be done in Town, and the need for us to get back to providing the highest quality of core services to our residents before offering services elsewhere.

Recommendation:  That we terminate the Village of Broderick Garbage Pickup Agreement effective January 1, 2020.

Recreation Committee Meeting – Wednesday, September 18

Small Steps Daycare – They need a place to rent for 1 month while they replace their suppression system.  Rec Director Jordy Jones thought this would be a good way to gain some extra revenue without displacing much in the form of resources.  Jones was told to phone Melanie to get more information and bring it back to council in one week.  It was also noted that we still need to make a user agreement for archery and for wrestling.

Non-Prime Ice Rentals – A local group would like to rent the ice in the winter every second Tuesday from 1:00-3:00 pm for a goalie clinic.  Jordy mentioned that this is ice time that will never be sold as no one is out of school or work and that council should look at making an acceptable fee so that it is extra revenue into the rink.  Recommended making the fee the same as the power skaters.

Parking Lot Lights – 2 street lights on the North end of the parking lot have not worked for some time.  Jordy talked to Outlook Electric about a quote for replacing them and Warren advised we switch to LED which would be about $1200 a light to replace.  Councillor Grotheim also noted that sometimes if you do not switch to a new LED light you cannot get parts down the road if something happens again.

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