Outlook Town Council Motions from Previous Minutes

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of the October 9 regular meeting of Outlook’s town council, as well as the October 21 meeting of the Recreation Committee.

The following are highlighted motions that had been made at those meetings, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions, which are closed to the public.

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October 9 Regular Meeting

Storm Sewer Flushing and Cameraing

756/19 – Grotheim/McLeod:  That we contract McGill’s Industrial Services Inc. to flush and camera the storm sewer lines at a cost of $585.00 per hour plus applicable taxes at the discretion of the Superintendent of Municipal Operations within the annual budgeted allotment with work to be completed by October 31st, 2019.  Carried.

Tree Removal

757/19 – Smith/McLeod:  That we contract Jussi Kamula to remove and grind the stumps of six (6) trees located on the boulevard at Lots 20-22, Block 7, Plan T6729 at an approximate cost of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) plus applicable taxes with work to be completed by October 31st, 2019.  Carried.

Long-term Facility Keys

766/19 – Smith/Childerhose:  That we authorize he issuance of long-term facility keys without the standard deposit for the Town Hall Complex to the Outlook & District Arts Council and Outlook & District Food Bank, and for the Civic Centre to the Walking Group and Variety Place.  Carried.

Town Fire Truck Lightbar

767/19 – Applin/Grotheim:  That we approve the purchasing of a 45” LED lightbar and mounting brackets for the Town fire truck at an approximate cost of two thousand seven hundred dollars and ninety-nine cents ($2,700.99) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Conquest Avenue and Reid Crescent Lot Pricing

775/19 – Grotheim/Applin:  That we establish a sale price of forty-four dollars and fifty cents ($44.50) per square meter plus ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) for Lots 15-17, Block 52, Plan 84S10790 and Lot 20, Block 53, Plan 84S10790 (15-17 & 27 Reid Crescent) and Lots 1-5, Block 53, Plan 84S10790 (810-818 Conquest Avenue) a list attached hereto to form a part of these minutes.  Carried.

Recycling Contracts and Depot Closure

778/19 – Grotheim/McLeod:  That we accept the residential service agreement from Loraas Disposal North to commence October 15th, 2019 and further that we close the Town of Outlook Recycling Depot on the same date.  Carried.

Recycling Depot Staff

779/19 – Applin/Smith:  That we approve the termination contracts for Terry Oakley, Gregory Skotheim, and Wesley Johnson, and further instruct Administration to make the recommended changes.  Carried.

October 21 Recreation Committee Meeting

Ice Making

Jordy noted that today was the first official night of the hockey season.  The hockey camp this weekend had 29 kids involved in the 2 day camp and was put on by Jordy, Shay Stephenson and Kolby Gibson.  Expected profit from the camp is $1500-1700.

War Memorial

Councillor Grotheim mentioned that the Legion is interested in moving the War Memorial up to the corner park kiddy corner to the Town Office.  They think this could open them up to grant money for the install.  Jordy mentioned that this would give the corner some meaning and would be a good look for the Town.  More information was requested and will be an on-going conversation.

Pool Boiler

Jordy and Kyle mentioned that it is an option to move the boiler from the old pool into the arena as a replacement and mentioned that Rafoss Plumbing thinks it could even be more efficient than the current one, which is 40 years old.  This could save lots of money for a fix that would normally cost $70,000 if something happened.  Jordy is seeking out quotes to prepare for next year’s budget.  He will also get a quote to fix the showers in the rink on a 3 year program starting with one dressing room quoted.

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