Outlook Town Council Motions from Previous Minutes

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of the November 13 regular meeting of Outlook’s town council, as well as the minutes of meetings held between the Infrastructure and Planning & Development committees.

The following are highlighted motions that had been made at the November 13 council meeting, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions, which are closed to the public.  As well, highlights are provided from the assorted committee meetings.

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November 13 Regular Meeting

Jim Kook Rec Plex Doors and Hardware Repairs

834/19 – Smith/Grotheim:  That we proceed with replacement of panic hardware and six (6) doors at the Jim Kook Rec Plex as identified in the 2018 Fire Inspection, as per the quote received from Lumber Plus at an approximate cost of thirteen thousand and twenty-two dollars ($13,022.00).  Carried.

Reconstruct Mann Street and Prairie Avenue Primary Cable

851/19 – Grotheim/Applin:  That we proceed with the replacement of the damaged section of underground primary cable as required by SaskPower at a quoted cost of three thousand one hundred and seventy-five dollars and sixty-nine cents ($3,175.69) taxes inclusive.  Carried.

Infrastructure Committee Meeting – November 18

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss:

  • Leachate
  • Storage System at Landfill
  • Distribution/Sale of Wood Chips
  • Scale
  • Building
  • Landfill Rates
  • Garbage Collection Rates
  • Other

Highlighted Recommendations:

  • That we use the paving budget ($100,000) and the balance of the landfill monitoring budget (approximately $34,000) to cover the costs of pumping and transporting the leachate from the landfill.
  • That the landfill leachate storage system be included in the 2020 budget.
  • That the rates for garbage pickup be set at $25.00 per quarter for 2020, $35.00 per quarter for 2021, and $45.00 per quarter for 2022.
  • That a newsletter be sent to all residents asking that they put out their garbage every week, rather than storing it up.  Further, that the procedure of sending letters to ‘problem’ households who have too many bags of garbage be reinstated.
  • That we plan to have a space in the new storage building at the landfill for lightbulb recycling.

Planning and Development Committee Meeting – November 26

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss:

  • Commercial Subdivisions (Highway Properties, Railway Avenue Properties)
  • Overlay Map
  • Fire Hall Project
  • Residential Subdivision (South of LCBI)
  • Other

Highlighted Recommendations:

  • That we request a quote from P. Machibroda Engineering to collect more data in order to extend the proposed overlay map to include the full East riverbank.
  • That signage definitions and wording be added to the zoning bylaw amendment for all districts.
  • That we proceed with building a standalone fire hall and determine the location at the November 27, 2019 Council meeting.
  • That we look into constructing a secondary potable water reservoir on the land located to the North of the current airport terminal and to the West of the current airport hangars.
  • That we determine if the current airport terminal building would be a suitable landfill office and what measures would be required to relocate it.
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