Outlook Town Council - Motions from Previous Minutes

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of the January 8 regular meeting of Outlook’s town council, as well as the minutes of the Joint Meeting with the RM of Rudy and Villages of Broderick and Glenside meeting on January 27, and a Committee of the Whole meeting on January 27.

The following are highlighted motions and informational points that had been made at those meetings, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions, which are closed to the public.

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January 8 Regular Meeting

Outlook Minor Sports Request

012/20 – Applin/Grotheim:  That we send a letter to Sheldon Grywacheski notifying him that we support Outlook Minor Sports’ request to ban him indefinitely from the Jim Kook Rec Plex on the grounds that our facilities have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and abuse.  Carried.

Purchase Label Maker

015/20 – Applin/McLeod:  That we authorize the purchase of a BradyPrinter M611 mobile label printer with outdoor material kit at a cost of one thousand one hundred and sixty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents ($1,169.99) plus applicable taxes and freight.  Carried.

Amend Bylaw 10(2019)

034/20 – Grotheim/Childerhose:  That we instruct Administration to draft changes to Bylaw 10(2019) A Bylaw to Establish and to Regulate and Control the Disposal of Wastes in the Town’s Landfill, to remove the charge for Outlook residents who take household waste to the landfill, and further to allow for approved businesses to have monthly charge accounts at the landfill.  Carried.

Student Recreation Rates

041/20 – Grotheim/McLeod:  That we establish a fee of two dollars ($2.00) per student per use for activities at the Jim Kook Rec Plex to begin upon commencement of the fall 2020 winter season, and further that we send a letter to the local schools advising them of the change.  Carried.

Kin Canada Week Proclamation

044/20 – Smith/Applin:  That we proclaim February 16-22nd, 2020 as Kin Canada Week, and further approve the request from the Outlook Kinsmen Club to hold a sunrise flag raising ceremony on Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at the Town of Outlook office complex.  Carried.

January 27 Committee of the Whole Meeting (1:00 pm – 2:45 pm)

Others present – Darrell Rinas and Jason Forest of Associated Engineering
Lauren Daly and Greg Holovach of Water Security Agency (conference call)

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the options for the ICIP grant application (Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program).  It was agreed that the application would be prepared for the lagoon expansion and repair to existing cell, as well as repairs to the water treatment plant for chlorine contact time and the residual water management from the water treatment plant, and that the engineering and project manager be included as part of the costs in the grant application.

Council also agreed that we advertise today for the Recreation Director position.

January 27 Joint Meeting with RM of Rudy, Villages of Glenside and Broderick

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the new fire protection agreement.

Concerns were expressed about not having a committee meet to discuss the agreement prior to it being sent out to the municipalities.  It was agreed that each council will appoint members to the committee and have a meeting after February 12th to discuss the new agreement in detail.

The RM and the villages want the Town to continue billing for fire calls.

The RM feels it should not be responsible for traffic accidents, dangerous goods calls, and the use of jaws of life, as these are SGI charges.

Concerns were expressed about the $950 per hour charge plus the fire fighter wages, and mileage to and from the fire or accident, as apparently other jurisdictions do not charge the additional wages and mileage charges.

There was a suggestion that perhaps the Town of Outlook should own the fire department and just charge a retainer fee to the municipalities, and fire or accident calls.  There was a suggestion that refunds should be made to the contributing municipalities for capital assets that they helped purchase.

The issue of funding the suites for the EMTs and now for locums was discussed.  The RM once again suggested that all municipalities using the health care center be billed on a per capita basis.

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