Outlook town council news and notes - June 24

The town council of Outlook met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, June 24.  Present were councillors Donna Smith (via teleconference), Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, and David Simonson, as well as Mayor Ross Derdall and Administrator Huguette Lutz.  Councillor Floyd Childerhose was absent.

A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights.

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All three readings were held for Bylaw No. 16(2020) – A Bylaw of the Town of Outlook to Establish a Fee to Appeal Assessments, of which was updated to match the current Municipalities Act.  Carried.

All three readings were held for Bylaw No. 17(2020) – A Bylaw of the Town of Outlook to Amend Bylaw No. 19(2019) Landfill Hours of Operation.  Carried.


The resignation of Bonnie Pshyk from the Public Works department was accepted with regret.

As well, the resignation of Troy Simonson from the Outlook & District Regional Park Board was accepted with regret.


The plexiglass hasn’t arrived that is to be installed at the town offices, and it was said that the office won’t reopen to the public until it’s in and fully installed.  It was also decided after a suggestion was brought forth by Councillor Applin that protective masks are to be worn by spectators of town council meetings, as well as speaking delegates.

The subject of garage sales was brought up, and it was said that council had no issues with people having them as long as they do their due diligence when it comes to distancing and sanitation.

After some discussion following a request that had been brought forth, a motion was made and carried to leave the summer hours for the public works department as they are for July.

The boiler at the swimming pool was fixed and the pool was currently being heated at the time of this meeting, in time for the facility’s intended opening on July 1.

A motion was made and carried to continue regular working hours for the Recreation department.

Complaints had come forward and council expressed its disgust that people were using the Kinsmen Park grounds to relieve themselves since the doors to the washrooms were locked.  It was decided to open the washroom facilities and keep the doors open throughout the daytime.

Unfinished Business

Council accepted and carried EMS and locum tenancy agreements.

More information will be sought involving the possible installation of rubber stone.  Council would like to try it out and may look into having a test strip installed where there is heavy traffic to see how it holds up.

Council signed and carried a Rural Fire Truck Lease agreement.

The Mann Subdivision Stormwater Planning Draft was tabled to another meeting.

Councillor McLeod volunteered the services of his business for the construction of an 8 X 12 pool shed to be built and donated to the swimming pool.  A motion was made and carried to accept his offer with sincere thanks.

New Business

A bid of $502.00 from Paul Simonson was accepted for the removal of the deck at the town airport.

The 2019 Draft Financial Statements were accepted by council.  Administrator Lutz and Assistant Administrator Rachel Sillers and staff were commended for their work.

A motion was made and carried to proceed on the proposal by Walker Projects involving renovations and upgrades to the Civic Centre.  A total cost is unknown right now as council contracted with Walker to manage the project, which includes getting tender documents ready.  At that point, the Town will know what the required costs will be.  The Town has applied for grant funding in the neighborhood of roughly $300,000, and they should know soon if it has been approved.

A motion was made and carried to accept the Waterworks System Assessment Draft.

A motion was made and carried to accept the proposed cash handling procedures of the Van Raay and Community Swimming Pool.

Council entered into in-camera discussions, which included the following agenda:

  • Legal (ICIP Grant, Zoning Bylaw Public Hearing, Robertson Stromberg correspondence)
  • Personnel
  • Swimming Pool Opening
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