Outlook town council news & notes - January 27

The town council of Outlook held a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, January 27.  Present was all of council: Justin Turton, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Ryan Husband, Bob Stephenson, and Sharon Bruce, as well as Mayor Maureen Weiterman, Administrator Erinn Schreiner, and Assistant Administrator Rachel Sillers.

The meeting was broadcast live on the Town of Outlook’s Facebook page.

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A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights.


Touching on the year-end financials, they were said to be basically completed in the office.  In some good news, it was noted that approximately $136,000 would be coming back to the Town due to a number of credits that had gone unclaimed.

There was some discussion on the Connect public alert system that the Town has joined.  It was said that the Town only pays a membership cost and not any kind of setup fees.  At the time of this meeting, roughly 60 residents had signed up for the system to receive alerts, which can range from anything to emergency notices to information on construction.  Council encourages Outlook citizens to sign up for Connect to help keep themselves informed of such on-the-go information.

“All you people on Facebook: sign up, spread the word and tell your neighbors and friends!” said Mayor Weiterman to those watching the meeting online.

Council passed motions to move forward on reopening the bowling alley when COVID guidelines allow for it to reopen, as well as allowing Acting Recreation Director Megan Anthony to explore lighting options for the outdoor rink.

Two delegations from Urban Systems appeared via Zoom call to speak with Council on a recent Housing Analysis Report that was completed for the Town of Outlook.  You can read a recap of this presentation on our print edition’s front page or on our website, ‘Analysis report looks to Outlook’s housing future’.

Unfinished Business

Touching briefly on measures related to the landfill reconfiguration project, a quote for a Hytek trailer building came in at approximately $66,000 and that further upgrades would cost another $25,000.  The topic was moved to a special meeting that was held this past Monday in order to reach some decisions.

Council also hoped to imminently approve tender documents for the Civic Centre renovations with a project end date included.

Acting Rec Director Megan and staff will work on a plan related to the rink kitchen renovations and bring it back to Council.

New Business

It was said that Megan had applied for the Munisoft grant application for community initiatives.  She will also apply for further grant funding through the SaskTrails organization.

Administrator Schreiner touched on All-Net Meetings, a software program she would like to use that’s said to be very easy to operate.  The quote came in at approximately $4900, said to be the same amount for each year.

Council acknowledged that they received the Infrastructure Capital Plan report.

Council reported having a “good meeting” with representatives of the RM of Rudy recently.  It was said that the Town is looking to meet with the RM on a regular basis to keep their relationship growing and stronger than it has been in the past.

After accepting the correspondence, a matter involving a water bill write-off request was discussed in-camera.

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