Outlook Town Council News & Notes - January 29

The town council of Outlook met for a regular meeting on Wednesday night, January 29, which was a previously agreed upon date after a scheduling conflict forced the January 22 meeting to be moved one week later.  Present was all of council; Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, Floyd Childerhose, and David Simonson, as well as Administrator Huguette Lutz, Superintendent of Municipal Operations Luke Lockhart, Public Works Coordinator Bonnie Pshyk, and Recreation Director Jordy Jones.

Absent was Mayor Ross Derdall and Assistant Administrator Rachel Sillers.

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A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights.

Deputy Mayor Appointment

David Simonson was once again appointed Deputy Mayor, and with the absence of Mayor Derdall, assumed his duties of leading the meeting of council.


Local business owner Lee Baker of the Outlook Locker Plant was present to speak with council about several topics, including a discussion on the regulatory measures surrounding mobile food vendors (food trucks) and business licensing.  Baker is seeking clarification on exactly where he can and can’t set up his food truck because evidently there is a situation where things appear to be getting somewhat cut-throat as far as competition for a hungry consumer’s business.  Lee shared that the Locker Plant was asked to not set up shop at certain outdoor events by someone who does “substantial fundraising” for local sports teams, though no names were mentioned.

The question arose over what necessarily constitutes a mobile food vendor, as someone who hauls a BBQ around and charges for food is essentially doing the same thing the Locker Plant is doing by way of their food truck.  Therefore, do the same rules, regulations and licensing fees apply to them as they do the Locker Plant?

Councillor Grotheim noted that he didn’t believe Baker should have to pay for a separate license for the food truck as it’s a part of the Locker Plant business.

Ultimately, council agreed that they need to take another look at the language used to explain the rules and regulations to make it clearer for operators of a mobile food vendor on when/where they can set up shop and conduct business.  Baker said he just wants to know what the cut and dried rules are and that he’s not looking to interfere with anyone else’s business.

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held for Bylaw 18(2019) – A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 08(2014) known as the Zoning Bylaw, but no one in attendance spoke and there were no petitions for or against it.

Recreation Report

A motion was made and carried to accept Riverbend Co-op’s request to hold a Free Family Skate Day on Family Day later this month, in which the Co-op will also sponsor bowling for the day.

Speaking of bowling, reception to it has been somewhat hit and miss from Jordy’s perspective.  The seniors have been coming in to enjoy themselves, but there’s still work to be done in order to get the public interested in coming in to bowl.

Lifeguards who worked at the Van Raay Community Swimming Pool last summer have been contacted to know that positions will once again be advertised.

Jones has put in his two weeks notice and submitted his resignation as Rec Director, sharing that he’s been afforded an opportunity to work with the Saskatoon Blades hockey team.  Jordy would like to put together a “task list” to ensure that the transition to a new rec director is smooth and that the person can hit the ground running.

A motion was made and carried that business related to the Outlook & District Heritage Museum now go under Recreation.

Council approved the installation of a vending machine at the swimming pool when the season opens.

A motion was made and carried to have the Town spearhead a committee to get the Potato Festival off the ground in something of an advisor role, with Councillor Smith serving in that role.  Councillor Applin was the lone opposition to the motion, citing concerns over financials with previous Canada Day committees.

Old Business/Business Arising from the Minutes

A motion was passed related to Authority for Line of Credit/Borrowing Money.

In discussing Working Council Committees, Councillor Grotheim was added to the Infrastructure Committee.

A motion was passed to accept the amended rates related to Custom Work Rates.

Two readings were held for Bylaw 02(2020) – A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw No. 10(2019) known as the Landfill Bylaw.  The third reading was held off for the time being.

Readings were held for Bylaw 18(2019) – A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 08(2014) known as the Zoning Bylaw, as noted above.

A motion was made and carried to purchase a new administration office phone system, a measure seen as quite overdue.

Discussion was tabled on pricing related to Lidar Data, a topographical map system that helps in developing plans.  Council will seek more information and a possible demonstration of the system.

A motion was made and carried to send back the Treated Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal agreement to the town’s legal counsel with changes.

A motion was made and carried to go with BCL Engineering Ltd. for the work related to a 2020 Waterworks System Assessment, which has to be done every five years.

A motion was made and carried to accept a quote from KBM Resources in the amount of $1,285.20 for work related to surveillance of Dutch Elm Disease.

A discussion on the relocation of the war memorial arch located in the Outlook Regional Park was tabled to the next council meeting.

Public Works/Transportation

Loraas Disposal’s recycling pickup operations in town have been going well to the point where they’ve had to bring in a bigger truck to collect, which has never been done before from their perspective.  This speaks to the community’s support in the act of recycling as a whole.

New Business

The Town has obtained the titles for two properties through tax enforcement: Lot 30, Block 26, Plan G160 and Lot 34, Block 11, Plan T6729.  Council elected to advertise them for sale.


A motion was made and carried to enter into the Hudson Energy Natural Gas Program.

Council moved to in-camera discussions after accepting the correspondence.  Items on the in-camera agenda included the following:

  • Land – Planning (Machibroda Report, Highway Subdivision, Meridian Surveys)
  • Personnel
  • Recreation (Legal)
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