Outlook Town Council News & Notes - July 10

The town council of Outlook met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, July 10.  Present was all of council; Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, Floyd Childerhose, and David Simonson, as well as Mayor Ross Derdall, Acting Administrator Rachel Sillers, Superintendent of Municipal Operations Luke Lockhart, Public Works Coordinator Bonnie Pshyk, and Recreation Director Jordy Jones.

A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights.

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Old Business/Business Arising from the Minutes

Councillor Applin had circulated an email to council members with some options for Town of Outlook promotional items.  One of the items that stood out was an insulated beverage container that features a color-engraved logo, so they’re quite high-quality items.  After some discussion, a motion was made and carried to order 48 of them.  Also being explored for the future are ball caps.

Council acknowledged a committee application from A. Gartner, and it will be explored if needed in the future.

After much discussion, a motion was put forward that the Town maintains the $2500 lease agreement it has with the Broderick Garden Centre related to a lot, with the lessee to return the lot to the Town as they found it.  One of the key discussion points was whether council wanted to allow Broderick Garden Centre to deposit any fill materials on the site.  The motion was made and carried, although the vote was nearly split on the matter.


Jones reported that the first week of the Van Raay & Community Swimming Pool had gone very well, with the facility hitting capacity during nearly every swim at approximately 90-130 people.  The schedule for the pool is set to go up on the Town of Outlook’s official website.

After discussing a request made by Variety Place for its participants to come in and use the pool once a week for a private booking, a motion was made and carried to use three family passes at a total charge of $840.00 for Variety Place to use the pool for the season.

A motion was also made and carried to implement a daily family pass rate for the pool of $25.00, which covers a total of five people, including a maximum of two adults.  A further motion was made and carried to implement a season pool pass for kids aged 0-7 at a cost of $50.00.

A request from the Riverbank Rodeo Committee was forwarded to the Rec Committee.

Judges with Communities in Bloom are set to visit Outlook on Tuesday, July 30.  Those who may be interested in volunteering to help beautify parts of the town before the judges’ visit can contact Rec Director Jones.

Public Works/Transportation

The time has come again for more dust suppressant to be applied in the more dustier parts of Outlook, and the cost would be similar to the previous work done a number of weeks ago on McKenzie Street North.  The Town will utilize Davidson-based C4 Outdoors for the work once again.

There have been phone calls and complaints coming in about the pest control going on; specifically, people are alarmed by the gunfire noise that occurs when crows are being taken out.  The public should be aware that it will take place as needed during the season.

Council held a brief in-camera discussion pertaining to a public works personnel matter.

New Business

The South Saskatchewan River Irrigation District (SSRID) is looking for the Town’s support in helping to address the issue of aquatic plant growth that could spell trouble for vital irrigation spots and projects.  A motion was made and carried to send a letter in support of SSRID to a list of provincial agencies and government officials.

Council accepted the resignation letter of Bylaw Enforcement Officer Ron Klassen.  He had suggested perhaps working with the Development Officer, but council declined the notion.  Councillor Applin noted that WaterWolf is exploring the idea of implementing a Regional BEO, so that may be something for the Town to look into in the future if it comes to pass.


A motion was made and carried to advertise for an Arena Kitchen Manager and Kitchen Supervisor for the Jim Kook Rec Plex.  There was a spirited discussion before the motion was called on the state of the rink kitchen, as the Town is doing all it can to try to make it viable, attractive and, hopefully one day, profitable.

Town Budget

It was revealed that the Town was set to have a meeting this past Monday, July 15 to discuss the budget, and to set the mill rate.

Council moved to in-camera discussions after accepting the correspondence.  The following items were on the in-camera agenda:

  • Administration Personnel
  • Lot 30, Block 5, Plan 68S24685 Legal
  • Personnel
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