Outlook town council news & notes - July 22

The town council of Outlook held a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, July 22.  Present was all of council; Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, Floyd Childerhose, and David Simonson, as well as Mayor Ross Derdall and Chief Administrative Officer Huguette Lutz.

The meeting was livestreamed on the Town’s Facebook page, but unfortunately the feed cut out prior to entering into the New Business portion of the agenda.

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A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights.


A third reading was held for Bylaw No. 11(2020) A Bylaw of the Town of Outlook to Provide General Election Procedures for the Town of Outlook and carried.


Council accepted a letter from the City of Cold Lake.  There were no specifics given as to what the letter was related to.

Council accepted a communication strategy from the Wheatland Regional Library.


Omni-Sport was said to be coming to Outlook on August 4 as it relates to the outdoor rink project at the Rec Plex.

Mayor and Councillor’s Forum

The topic of the issues between the Town and the school division were brought up as it relates to the Wheatland Regional Library.  Evidently, the division wants the Wheatland branch out of the high school library location if the two sides cannot come to any sort of agreement.  It was noted that the employees of the library were very highly regarded in the community and they didn’t deserve to be dragged into this situation.

“You couldn’t get two nicer employees in there,” said Ross, and shared his frustration with the situation.

The topic was moved to a special council meeting that was scheduled to be held this past Tuesday, July 28.

Unfinished Business

There were two bids received for the tender related to Lot 19, Block 10, Plan T6729.  One bid from Richards Home Hardware was for $25,551 and the other from Tina Wall was for $2000.  A motion was made and carried to accept the bid from the Home Hardware.

Council accepted and carried the final draft of the Town’s Emergency Response Policy.

A proposal from Winnipeg-based All-Net Municipal Solutions for a program called Connect was said to sound like an “awesome idea” for the Town.  The program would allow the Town to provide up-to-date emergency alerts and general information to residents.  The numbers broke down to an approximate cost of $1.66 per resident per year, according to Councillor Applin.  Council would like to have company representatives present at a meeting in order to hear and see more, but they were very much in favor of the program proposal.  It was said that a demonstration would be arranged.

Council accepted and carried the Landfill Inspection Report.  There were said to be a few things that need to be addressed, but council was largely pleased.

Council decided on a date of Saturday night, September 5 to hold a fireworks display in town; a makeup date since the Canada Day festivities were postponed.  There was also some loose discussion about the possibility of a community parade that same weekend.

While the video feed cut out and prevented access to the New Business portion of the meeting, items on that agenda were as follows:

Automated Defibrillator – Town Office Complex

Urban Systems Work Order

Zero Turn Mower Quotes – Public Works Dept

Dutch Elm Disease Survey Summary

Proposed House Relocation

Outlook Regional Park Trail Mowing

Land Lease Request Railway Ave

Outdoor Market Barricade Request

Waterworks Rate Policy 2019

The in-camera portion of the agenda included the following items:

  • Land
  • Legal
  • Personnel (Full Time Recreation Dept Position, Health Committee, CAO Position)
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