Outlook Town Council News & Notes - June 28

The town council of Outlook met for a meeting on Thursday night, June 28, which had been originally scheduled for the night before.  Present was all of council; Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, Floyd Childerhose and David Simonson, as well as Mayor Ross Derdall, Acting Administrator Sylvia Klotz and Rachel Sillers of the Town of Outlook offices, and Superintendent of Municipal Operations Randy Antoniuk.  Absent was Recreation Director Jordy Jones.

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A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights:

  • Two delegates were in attendance to make presentations to council.  One was Bylaw Enforcement Officer Ron Klassen, and the other was Derek Derdall, owner of Riverside Fitness in Outlook.  Both presentations were made in-camera.
  • In Superintendent Antoniuk’s report, he noted that traffic counters have been installed at both entrances into town.
  • Town workers have replaced some street signage that was faded, but Antoniuk has noticed that some drivers still aren’t obeying the rules stated by the new signs.
  • Council commended town workers on the newly-painted white crosswalks, which have shown to really stand out.
  • A motion was passed for Antoniuk to purchase a number of speed bumps at approximately $1500, with some set to be installed on Conquest Avenue near the schools, which was described as “a racetrack” due to speeding motorists.
  • The town will look into providing sturdier support for some ‘For Sale’ signs on Chow Crescent, as they’re continually being knocked down by a person(s) kicking them.
  • Antoniuk is looking into leasing two new trucks from Ford as other town trucks are showing their age.
  • Signs promoting that Outlook is a community helping in the fight against zebra mussels have been installed at the regional park and on the east side of town, with a third one left to be put up at the time of this meeting.  Mayor Ross Derdall was in attendance at the most recent regional meeting of the Lake Diefenbaker Task Force, which is working to promote fighting invasive species.
  • A motion was passed to abate taxes for one resident who utilizes a portion of his residence as a commercial business.
  • In an update on advertising at the site of the new swimming pool facility, it was said that three permanent 24” x 24” logo spots are available to possible advertisers and that the designer would need to know very shortly.  Council discussed having bids start at a minimum amount, and there was a debate on the town possibly having right of refusal on certain businesses wanting a spot on what’ll be a family facility, such as a liquor store or the future cannabis retail outlet.  Council decided that the highest bid would “not necessarily be accepted”.  Look for the town’s ad in this issue for more information.
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