Outlook town council news & notes - May 26

The town council of Outlook held a regular meeting on Wednesday night, May 26.  Present was all of council: Justin Turton, Ryan Husband, Kyle McLeod, Bob Stephenson, Kevin Grotheim, and Sharon Bruce, as well as Mayor Maureen Weiterman and Administrator Kevin Trew.

The meeting was broadcast live on the Town of Outlook's Facebook page.

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Brief discussion was held on Bylaw 03(2021) A Bylaw of the Town of Outlook in the Province of Saskatchewan to Amend Bylaw No. 8(2014) Known as the Zoning Bylaw.  Mayor Weiterman recused herself from the discussion.  A third reading was held for the motion, and then carried.

Reports of Administration, Staff and/or Committees Requiring Decision

On the topic of a contract renewal for janitorial services, the company of AY Cleaning will have its contract extended by one year, while the fees would stay at the same rate.  A motion was made and carried to go with this setup.

While discussing the 2021 town budget, it was said it hasn't been approved yet, but the goal is to have it ready to go by June.  Details include a very preliminary five-year plan which will include a "rigorous" review.  Council is set to have a thorough budget meeting during the day on June 9.  Mayor Weiterman asked council to be prepared for many talking points during that meeting.

CAO Report

The Town has advertised for someone to accept Rachel Siller's position, which has received solid interest from potential candidates, including local and non-local people.  Trew said there have been "lots of great applicants" and he has been pleased by what he's seen so far.  He and Rachel will interview the leading candidates.  She will be taking holidays beginning in August, and her maternity leave will last until approximately September 2022.

Other highlights from the CAO Report, as provided to The Outlook:


- Sign Corridor Insurance - CP Rail has indicated that the current liability insurance the Town holds with AON with a $2 million is sufficient for their lease. There will be no added costs to our insurance. I have informed the Chamber of Commerce as well. 

- The Camp Outlook building has been moved to the pool and there is still more work to be done, Thank you to Guy Derdall from All Star Towing who is donating his work to the project; Council will discuss further plans for the buildings and property at Camp Outlook at a future meeting of Council.

- We are finalizing the new cell with a landfill operations management plan and emergency response plan that should satisfy MoE. We met with our EPO and she advised us what is lacking in the submitted plans, we have reached out to Associated Engineering and they have provided input for no added cost.

- New to us street sweeper has been ordered from Fermarc and expected delivery is mid to late June.

Learning Opportunities/Capacity Development: 

- The Water Treatment Plant Door replacement and generator trailer that was awarded to Lumber Plus in October will be opening again for quotes/bids as the orders could not be filled.

- Landfill building and reconfiguration project is being managed and contractors overseen by Public Works, Loren and Dylan are doing the construction pieces of this to get it done in a timely manner.

Current Unfinished Projects: 

- Joint Protective Services Planning Committee – We have representatives appointed from both the Town of Outlook and the RM of Rudy, expect first planning meeting to be called in June.

- Landfill Decommissioning of Old Cell – Met with MoE earlier in May – should have no problem putting non saleable recyclable materials on top of old cell prior to final decommissioning, Council will soon be looking at selecting an engineer to proceed with this project, we plan to put the engineering portion to tender on Sasktenders and inviting Tetratech and Associated Engineering to bid.

- Raw Water Intake Project – Very early stages, ICIP was approved up to $10 million in principle, next step will be to explore various alternatives with an engineer, not on plan for 2021.

- Storm Water Outfalls – Asked Associated Engineering to proceed with the Skyfall project as soon as possible, awaiting planning and tender documents.

- Civic Centre Project – Award of Tender to Leeville Construction at May 12 meeting, awaiting contracts to be returned from Leeville for our signature before proceeding, last update May 20.

Subdivisions Projects

Mann Street Residential – Urban Systems has prepared an initial concept plan and presented to administration, there is more work to be done before it will be presented to Council; upon receipt of that Council will likely put this on hold; Conversion of runway to farmland – we have been in contact with Miles Moore, former lessor, to see if he is interested in leasing the small piece of land that the Mann Street Subdivision would take up – this includes chem and summer fallow for 2021 then seeding alfalfa in 2022 – he would sign a five year (expiring in fall 2025) agreement on the basis of 1/3 crop share with the Town, I offered to pay for costs to chem fallow and he preferred to do it with crop share. He indicated that he is amenable to stipulation in the agreement that, if the Town needed the land or portion thereof during the agreement period that he would not stop us, I suggest stipulation that he would require one crop year notice. 

Highway Commercial – Drainage plan is part of the Mann Street Residential and the concept plan – this is priority 2 for subdivisions. 

Railway Commercial – Priority 1 for subdivisions; Council has information in the package at May 26 meeting for consideration and decision. 


MidSask Rental Agreement (ongoing original signed 2013) – Went for a walkthrough of the Quadra building with Ray and Rachel. Ray will address many of the safety and minor issues. Notified MidSask that we would not increase rent for 2021 but that we are looking at different arrangements for 2022. Need to change the zoning on the property (currently residential) and putting together a briefing note for Council regarding sale. MidSask is aware of possible plans. 

Government of Sask Rental Agreement Town Office Complex (5 year expired 2020) – Walkthrough performed – new 5 year agreement will be ready at next meeting for Council to discuss/approve; included new window treatments throughout on this year’s capital plan; will be looking at completing LED lighting plan for future (possibly 2023).

Fire Services Agreement (2 year expiring Dec 31, 2021) – Looking at new relationship with joint committee , have not made contact with Villages of Broderick and Glenside yet. 

Landfill Services Agreement (no recent ones located 2006 is the most recent one on file) – Since we are working through a new landfill bylaw in 2021 it is a good idea that we have solid agreements with user municipalities going forward; current user municipalities are the RMs of Rudy and Fertile Valley; the CAO has had preliminary discussions with RM of Rudy and fact finding mission regarding financial support provided in 2018 and the terms around that – not ready to report on this yet.

Mutual Aid Agreement (only formal agreement appears to have been made in 1988) – operating under informal agreements and have made contact with all signors of 1988 agreement asking whether they are using it (some response – most are not).

Future Projects: 

We are working at vision of government – once budget and levy is complete we expect to begin working on a strategic plan following that as a long term project engaging many stakeholders including staff and the general public.

We are working at connecting and communicating with our stakeholders and customers – the website and social media pages are being continuously updated and kept up to date so that we can refer people to it.

Mayor and Councillor's Forum

Councillor Grotheim mentioned 311 McTavish Street, where there's a broken sidewalk out front when a stump was removed.  It's said to be in really bad shape.  There is also said to be a growth problem immediately nearby in the same neighborhood.  Mayor Weiterman also said she spoke to two ratepayers who said they were pleased with what's going on in town.

Unfinished Business

On the subject of a Recreation Committee renewal, Administrator Trew said Council should consider adding interested people from the community.  The recommended number of people to be added is five.  Trew said one of the things he's noticed about the town is that there is no one tasked with fostering economic development.  Councillor Bruce made a motion to start a committee with members of the public at large, which was passed.  Mayor Weiterman told the viewers watching on Facebook that if anyone was interested in serving on the committee to get their names in.

New Business

Trew brought concerns related to the position of Pest Control Officer to Council, mainly due to his reluctance to deal with authorities without having the official go-ahead.  Councillor Stephenson said an issue could possibly be that someone other than those assigned may do something about crows, namely with firearms.  Mayor Weiterman acknowledged Jim Drury and his contributions.

There were no in-camera discussions held during the meeting.

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