Outlook Town Council News & Notes - May 8

The town council of Outlook met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, May 8.  Present were councillors Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, and David Simonson, as well as Mayor Ross Derdall, Assistant Administrator Rachel Sillers, Superintendent of Municipal Operations Luke Lockhart, and Public Works Coordinator Bonnie Pshyk.

Absent were Councillor Floyd Childerhose and Recreation Director Jordy Jones.

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A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights.

Old Business/Business Arising from Minutes

A motion was made and carried to authorize Jim Drury to perform additional pest control for crows and magpies.  Drury agreed to the work if the Town saw fit to authorize him.

The Town would like to meet with Sun West School Division officials to discuss the tentative Library Facility Agreement, as the Town feels that the proposed dollar figures involved are “pretty steep.”  There was loose talk in the room over whether the library could relocate somewhere else in town, but it was said that community libraries being contained within schools are fast becoming the norm in the province.  The topic was referred to committee to be discussed more and tabled to the first council meeting in June before reaching a decision.

Public Works/Transportation

Quotes were discussed for groundwater monitoring at the landfill, with Tetra-Tech and Associated Engineering submitting letters for consideration.  Associated Engineering’s quote came in at $37,610, while Tetra-Tech’s quote came in at $32,593.88.  Council felt that Tetra-Tech’s submission was “quite impressive”.  A motion was made and carried to contract Tetra-Tech for the work.

Two bids from local companies were received for a gravel & sand tender that had gone out.  Wright J. Construction’s bid came in at $27,825 for gravel and $9,187.50 for sand, and K McIntosh & Sons’ bid came in at $21,000 for gravel and $8,400 for sand.  A motion was made and carried to go with K McIntosh & Sons.

Brunner’s Construction out of Saskatoon has met with staff to discuss their work on a sewer line replacement at 425 McKenzie Street in Outlook.  They expect that workers will stay overnight in town.

The recent ‘Free Dump Day’ at the landfill was described as “insanely busy” and had lots of good feedback.

Town workers have started pothole patching, and compost pickup is in full swing.

In discussing quotes for a compact tractor replacement, there was a concern over costs due to it being budget season, where cash flow isn’t particularly high.  A motion was made and carried to purchase one from Rocky Mountain Equipment and explore options for payment.

New Business

A motion was made and carried to enter into an agreement with Broderick Garden Centre for a 1-year lease for a piece of land just south of the store’s location.

The topic of a membership application to the Western Canada Cemetery Association was tabled until the next meeting as Councillor Childerhose may have information to share.

A request from the organizers of a ‘Bicycle Rodeo’ was honored by council.


The Town feels they should look into new branding and merchandising avenues as they say they’ve been “slack” in that area in recent times.  Options for items such as pens, pins, hats, and shirts will be explored.

Council moved to in-camera discussions after moving the correspondence.  The in-camera session included the following topics:

  • One item from Accounts for Approval of Payment
  • Assistant Administrator Report
  • CAO Accommodations
  • CAO Resumes
  • Personnel – Public Works Summer Students
  • Legal – Lot 30, Block 5, Plan 68-S-24
  • Fire Department Legal Discussion
  • Proposed Commercial Subdivision Plan
  • Residential Lots
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