Outlook Town Council News & Notes - November 19

The town council of Outlook met for a scheduled meeting that had been moved to a new night of Monday, November 19.  Present was all of council; Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, Floyd Childerhose, and David Simonson, as well as the returning Mayor Ross Derdall, Administrator Tina Douglas, Assistant Administrator Rachel Sillers, and Superintendent of Municipal Operations Randy Antoniuk.  Absent due to illness was Recreation Director Jordy Jones.

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A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights:

  • The regular meeting began at approximately 8:20 following an in-camera session.
  • Listed as a delegate for the in-camera session was Outlook RCMP Sgt. Mark Langager.
  • Further discussion will be needed regarding a flushing issue involving the washroom facilities at the Jim Kook Rec Plex.
  • Talks will also need to be had on who to send to a Pool Operator’s Course that is set for December 18.
  • Council was reminded of an event being held at the Outlook Civic Centre on November 28 hosted by Sask in Motion.
  • Councillor Smith mentioned that the roof of the Civic Centre was leaking on its west end, discovered during the last of Equinox Theatre’s recent run in the building.
  • Council accepted a Recreation Needs Assessment that had been prepared for the town.
  • Council voted to buy a pump for roughly $950 for the Olympia ice resurfacer at the rink, which was seen as being in dire need for the upcoming season.
  • Councillor Simonson brought up that council needs to think about a tractor replacement and dust control product and a spreader for the immediate future, particularly as it relates to impending talks during budget time.
  • TetraTech Engineering, a firm that helps communities to establish regional waste management authorities, has done some pro-bono work and have come up with some options for the town.  They want to meet with council, and council has come up with the prospective dates of either December 13 or 14 for an informational meeting, pending on TetraTech’s availability.
  • A number of furnaces need to be replaced in the ag offices of the town offices building.  They had a quote from one company for the work to be done, but there was some frustration among council on not having a solid quote from another company to compare.  A motion was made to move forward and get it done because it’s winter and the workers obviously need a warm space to do their work.
  • Council adopted a Property Management Agreement for one year effective January 1 for the units located next to the entrance to the regional park.
  • Further talks on tax arrears payment agreements for substantial payments owed to the town was moved to in-camera discussion.
  • The town’s cannabis policy was said to be explored at the next meeting.
  • Resident Helen Reynolds would like a new bench installed just west of her property, which she has said she would pay for, and council saw no issue with the request.  The bench’s location is part of the Trans Canada Trail, and the previous one was said to have been taken.
  • The rental fee was waived for the Civic Centre so that the Outlook Chamber of Commerce could host an event on the same night as the council meeting.
  • It was learned that Troy Simonson is the new Chair of the Outlook Regional Park, and that the park is exploring how to decommission the old swimming pool, with a focus on finding the best solutions for it.  The park had asked about possibly receiving $14,000 in funding, but they were told “it’s just not happening this year”.  It was pointed out that the park is said to have solid financials in the bank, and that they receive a number of “freebies” from the town, mainly water.  Councillor Childerhose noted that the benefits of the park should be recognized.
  • Council returned to in-camera talks at approximately 10:50 pm.
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