Outlook Town Council News & Notes - October 29

The town council of Outlook held its regularly-scheduled meeting on a new night of Monday, October 29.  Present was Deputy Mayor David Simonson, councillors Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin and Floyd Childerhose, as well as Administrator Tina Douglas, Assistant Administrator Rachel Sillers, and Superintendent of Municipal Operations Randy Antoniuk.  Absent was Mayor Ross Derdall, Councillor Donna Smith, and Recreation Director Jordy Jones.

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A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights:

  • In Superintendent Antoniuk’s report, Randy said the crews were still doing some pothole patching, which is a weather-dependant job.
  • Randy suggested that the hours of the landfill be reduced for the winter months, and council passed a motion that the new hours will be Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm on each day, as well as all day on Saturdays.  The new hours take effect on December 1 and run until March 31, or until the town decides to re-alter them again.
  • The new heating system at the Civic Centre was turned on over the weekend and is said to work very well.
  • The underground sewer pipe that needs repairing at 425 McKenzie Street is an issue that needs to be left until the spring as the town has had no official tenders come in for the work that needs to be done, though Antoniuk said it could at least be cleaned in January and February.  The Town will re-tender for the work job in February, and Councillor Applin noted, “It’s a problem we better learn a lesson from and make sure it never happens again.”
  • Tetratech Engineering, a firm that helps in establishing regional waste management authorities, is interested in possibly working with the Town.  Council seemed interested in holding an informational meeting with a Tetratech representative, and they’ll reach out to organize one.
  • A request for proposals for a heating maintenance contract agreement with the Town had one company bid: Rafoss Plumbing and Heating.  Council accepted the proposal.
  • Council approved cheque payments to Triple S Industries for $15,750.00 and Riverbend Industries for $6959.70.
  • Letters have gone out to those owing arrears of taxes.  Administrator Douglas noted there are 39 properties on the list that make for a combined total of $101,201.23 that is owed.
  • The next town council meeting has a date change, being switched from its normal November 14 date to Monday, November 19.  The next meeting is just nine days later on November 28.
  • Keith Carlson had the cemetery crosses that were made by Outlook High School students powder-coated in Saskatoon, and he said he would accept $250 from the Town and then forgive the rest of the cost as a gift to the cemetery fund.  Council agreed to give him the $250, and will also gift him with a card of thanks.
  • A hearty discussion was had on the Town’s water stability after Douglas brought up how the Town has been providing the Outlook Regional Park with water basically for free.  This led to talks on needing to install meters in both the park and other facilities around town to get a better understanding of how water is being used in the community.  An official motion was passed to install water meters wherever necessary in Outlook.
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