Outlook Town Council News & Notes - September 12

The town council of Outlook met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, September 12.  Present was all of council; Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, Floyd Childerhose and David Simonson, as well as Mayor Ross Derdall, Administrator Tina Douglas, Assistant Administrator Rachel Sillers, and Superintendent of Municipal Operations Randy Antoniuk.  Absent was Recreation Director Jordy Jones.

A number of topics and items were discussed, including the following highlights:

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  • Councillor Applin was commended by Ross and the rest of council for her recent efforts and going “above and beyond” during the period of transition before Administrator Douglas’s hiring.  She was gifted with a card from Ross.
  • Council carried a new Special Events Permit Policy.
  • Bylaw Enforcement Officer Ron Klassen was present as a delegate and spoke to council in-camera.
  • Tony Peter, Betty Peter, Julie de Moissac and Teresa Weldon of the New Pool Fundraising Committee were present as delegates and filled council in on some news surrounding the facility.  They presented a printed brochure that they asked to be included with the next water bills to go out to residents.  They also announced a date of April 5, 2019 for a charity auction fundraiser to be held at the Outlook Civic Centre.  They inquired about possibly holding an open house-style event at the site of the new pool in order for the public to see up close how things are coming along, which may also help encourage more donors.  Council said that such an event couldn’t be done at the moment because more work needs to be done at the site, as well as to prevent any liability issues with visitors on the construction site.  However, it’s something that council agreed would be good for the public, and it may be in the cards for the near future.  It was said that aspects of the pool have been going slower than anticipated, but that was expected to change very soon.  The town expects to be able to fill the pool and test everything later this fall.
  • A motion was carried to waive the fee for the Civic Centre for the New Pool Fundraising Committee to hold its charity auction event.
  • The town will be talking with the owner of Riverside Fitness regarding a commercial lease agreement as it relates to moving the gym facilities into the Rec Plex.  The owner originally wanted to move in by October 1, but that doesn’t appear to be happening as further talks are needed regarding the agreement.
  • The CAO Financial Report noted that 81% of the 2018 levy has been collected so far.
  • Council approved cheque payments to KTM Exteriors and Riverbend Industries for $705.00 and $29,601.97, respectively.
  • A fence line issue on Selkirk Street that has since been resolved saw conflict between two neighbors.  In the end, one neighbor told the town they were taking care of the issue on their own.
  • The town is proceeding with enforcement of trailer license fees that have been unpaid as it relates to a mobile home on Prairie Avenue due to no payments having been made all year.
  • Following the recent outdoor rodeo in Outlook, council remarked on the success of the event, but also noted that organizers ended up utilizing town bleachers for it, which in their view went against the original understanding between the town and the CCA (Canadian Cowboys Association) that stated the town didn’t need to supply anything for the rodeo.  If the event is to return in the future, further talks and another deal may need to be worked out between the town and the CCA regarding the event’s specific needs.
  • Councillor Grotheim was appointed to the Rec Board and as the town rep responsible for the Civic Centre.
  • Eight local members who have and/or continue to serve on the Outlook Fire Department have been invited by the Lt. Governor of the province to receive the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal at a special ceremony being held on October 2.  The town’s Handi-Van will be used to transport everyone, and a motion was also carried by council for the town to buy the members supper in honor of the achievement.

The council meeting then switched to in-camera to further discuss other items.

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