Outlook town council previous minutes and motions

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of several recent meetings held by the Town of Outlook, including the June 24 regular council meeting, as well as the July 2 Joint Health Committee meeting, and two Committee of the Whole meetings each held on July 6.

The following are highlighted motions and informational points that were made at those meetings, including any motions of interest made after council exited in-camera discussions, which are closed to the public.

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June 24 Regular Meeting

Ball Diamond Fencing:

540/20 – Grotheim/Smith:  That Council proceed with the supply and installation of 4’ home run fencing, and repair of sideline fences including lacing mesh, at a cost of $10,583.68 from Nordic Fencing, on Ball Diamond #5, with remaining diamonds #1 and #4 to be budgeted in subsequent years.  Carried.

555/20 – Smith/Applin:  That Council delay the implementation of interest charges on utility accounts until the end of September, for further review at that time.  Carried.

Rural Fire Truck Agreement:

565/20 – Simonson/Applin:  That the Rural Fire Truck Agreement with the RM of Rudy No. 284 be accepted as circulated, signed and sealed.  Carried.

Mann Subdivision Stormwater Planning Report:

566/20 – Applin/Smith:  That the Associated Engineering’s Mann Subdivision Stormwater Planning Report be tabled until next meeting, in order to obtain additional information.  Carried.

Swimming Pool Storage Shed:

Councillor McLeod declared conflict of interest and left the chambers at 8:05 p.m.

567/20 – Simonson/Grotheim:  That Council accept the quote of $2,591.63 plus applicable taxes, for an 8x12 shed from Lumber Plus, and accept the donation from KTM Exteriors for labour to build the shed.  Carried.

Civic Centre Management Project:

571/20 – Applin/Simonson:  That Council accept the proposal from Walker Projects for management of the civic center renovations, at their quoted price of $19,776.  Carried.

Litigation Questioning:

581/20 – Simonson/McLeod:  That Councillor Applin be appointed as an alternate to represent Council in the case of Eco Engineering Ltd. v. Town of Outlook, in the event that Mayor Derdall cannot attend on August 18 and 19, 2020.  Carried.

July 2 Joint Health Committee Meeting

Present: From the Town of Outlook

Mayor: Ross Derdall

Councillors: Maureen Applin

Staff: Rachel Sillers, Assistant Administrator

From the RM of Rudy No. 284

Councillors: Bree Campbell and Lyle Leverton

From the RM of Fertile Valley No. 285

Councillor: Cory Simonson

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Doctor Recruitment, as Councillor Applin had recently been informed that Dr. Padilla will be resigning effective September 2020 due to the recent toll the increased on-call schedule has taken on her personal health. Also reported was that Dr. Alandary plans to resign upon expiration of his contract in October 2020, which would leave the clinic with only one doctor (Dr. Mynhardt).

R. Mynhardt had also informed Councillor Applin that four doctors were possibly too many at one time, that three would be the ideal number. However due to recent news about potentially area growth there would likely be demand for four doctors at the clinic.

Given that the SIPPA program takes 1 year for new doctors to complete, and a nurse practitioner cannot admit patients or work the on-call rotation, Councillor Applin suggested that we look at enticing (poaching) certified doctors already practicing in Canada that could easily transition to Saskatchewan.

The Committee briefly discussed the Physician Incentive Package and agreed that it was satisfactory, with a note that at the last meeting held (October 30, 2019) all parties agreed to eliminate the vehicle from the package.

Dr. Mynhardt was invited to the meeting but did not attend as originally planned.


That each Council send a formal letter to Sask Docs and Minister of Health Jim Reiter to ask to be put to the top of the list for doctor placement for three doctors as soon as possible, and to help get the word out that the clinic is recruiting. Each municipality will write and send their own letters by July 15th, 2020 and each will send the others a copy for reference (CC).

July 6 Committee of the Whole Meeting (morning)


Mayor: Ross Derdall

Councillors: Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, David Simonson, Maureen Applin

Staff: Huguette Lutz, Chief Administrative Officer

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the following:

1. Mann Street Subdivision Concept Plan as proposed by Urban Systems,

2. Stormwater Planning Draft as proposed by Associated Engineering,

3. Stormwater Outfalls

4. Rink Pad Questions

Recommendation: That Council hire Associated Engineering to do the design work for the Mann Street Subdivision, and Urban Systems to do the Town’s Zoning Bylaw and Official Community Plan changes.

Recommendation: That Council approach Associated Engineering to have a dedicated engineer from their staff on a yearly contract, and that the Town provide an office, rent free.

Recommendation: That a letter of thanks be sent to Premier Moe regarding the recent announcement of major irrigation project by the province of Saskatchewan.

Recommendation: That the potential buyer be provided with a response to their questions as follows:

1. Council would like the rink pad removed within a year of purchase of the lots. As this would be your project, not the town’s, you can decide whether or not to tender the removal and the backfilling.

2. If you want to use sand from the hill along the river, you will need to contact the Ministry of Highways for permission, and request a price from them.

3. Council is prepared to pay for the cleanup and backfill of the lots we retain ownership of. If we can, we would be willing to use the same contractor as you book to do the work, so please let the contractor know that the volume of work would include both.

4. The back alley will not be closed.

5. Luke Lockhart will be able to locate the water and sewer line tie-ins when you are ready to have this done; you will need to contact 1st Call for telephone, power and natural gas.

6. Council does not have any stipulations regarding whether the parking lot is paved or gravelled; that would be your call.

7. Council expects construction to begin within one year of purchase of lots. Please note that there may be changes to the property tax structure in 2021 which could see an increase in base tax on vacant land.

It was agreed that the $180 load fee for concrete at the landfill would not be waived for this project.

It was agreed that the Public Works crew should strip the topsoil from the area where the new firehall will be built.

It was agreed that the Public Works staff haul the glass to the landfill as soon as possible.

It was agreed that there needs to be fencing around the stormwater outfall at Scott Brown’s residence, for safety reasons.

July 6 Committee of the Whole Meeting (afternoon)


Mayor: Ross Derdall

Councillors: Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, David Simonson, Maureen Applin

Staff: Huguette Lutz, Chief Administrative Officer

Other: Walker Projects group

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the following:

1. Civic Center Renovations

2. Fire Hall

Council provided Walker Projects with a history of the civic center, and expectations:

• Replace the foam insulation on ceiling and walls

• Redo bottom portion of walls

• Redo bathrooms for accessibility

• Sprinkler system

• Sound system and projector

• Lighting upgrades to LED

• There is a new furnace (2 years old) but no air conditioning

• If sufficient funds, add an addition to the south side of the building and relocate kitchen to this area, as well as storage for tables and chairs – existing kitchen would then become part of the foyer.

Walker Projects indicated there might be environmental hazard because of the age of the building, so they will have their staff test the space for asbestos.

Council asked that costs for each part of the project be separate, for budget purposes, so that they can decide which projects they can afford to proceed with. Walker will provide a cost estimate.

There were questions regarding the need for an energy audit – Walker Projects indicated this would not likely be required unless the envelope of the building was affected.

Fire hall:

Walker Projects will have the review done by the end of this week or early next week. They will do a site visit next week, after Council has had a chance to review the plans.

Meeting scheduled for July 15, 2020, at 9:00 a.m. with Walker Project Representatives.

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