Outlook town council previous minutes & motions

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of several previous meetings of the town council of Outlook, including the September 23 regular meeting, September 29 special meeting, and the October 6 special meeting.

The following are highlighted motions and informational points that were made at those meetings, including any motions of interest made after council exited in-camera discussions, which are closed to the public.

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September 23 Regular Meeting

Quotes for Panel Rack:

809/20 – McLeod/Smith:  That we proceed with requesting quotes from KALM Mechanical and LB Welding to build a rack to hold glass panels at the Jim Kook RecPlex.  Carried.

Installation of Handrail at RecPlex:

811/20 – Grotheim/Childerhose:  That we proceed with the installation of a handrail on the stair way from the Curling Lobby to the Lounge and the Jim Kook RecPlex.  Carried.

In Camera:

813/20 – Childerhose/Applin:  That we move into an In-Camera session at 7:16p.m. to discuss long-term planning.  Carried.

Daniel Gray of Urban Systems arrived at the meeting via Zoom at 7:17p.m.

Mr. Gray left the meeting at 7:56p.m.

Mann Street Subdivision Conceptual Development Plan:

815/20 – Grotheim/Smith:  That we authorize Urban Systems to complete the Mann Street Subdivision Conceptual Development Plan as per their proposal at a cost of $39,000.00 plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Bounty Hall SaskPower Account:

830/20 – Childerhose/Grotheim:  That we proceed with transferring the SaskPower billing account for the service to the Bounty Hall into the Town’s name, and further authorize the monthly payments to be made online.  Carried.

Geotechnical Street Assessment:

840/20 – Grotheim/McLeod:  That we authorize P. Machibroda Engineering to proceed with an engineered site assessment in coordination with Associated Engineering of the section of Prairie Avenue from McGillivray Street to Mann Street at an estimated cost of $5,302.50 plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Agriculture Hall of Fame:

846/20 – Applin/McLeod:  That we partner with Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association (SIPA) on an application to the Saskatchewan Agriculture Hall of Fame.  Carried.

September 29 Special Meeting


Jeffrey Paterson, Manager of Engineering and Approvals, and Lauren Daly, Environmental Protection Officer of Water Security Agency arrived at the meeting at 10:00 a.m. to discuss details of a proposed Parallel Growth Agreement.

Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program Submissions:

849/20 – Applin/Grotheim:  That we proceed with submitting applications to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) for proposed infrastructure projects as outlined in the Town’ Infrastructure Capital Plan, a copy of the projects attached hereto to form a part of these minutes.  Carried.

Contracted Utility Repairs:

850/20 – Grotheim/Childerhose:  That we accept the quote from Brunner’s Construction to complete utility infrastructure repairs at an estimated cost of $100,330.00 plus applicable taxes, in accordance with the costs outlined in the Utility Servicing Agreement.  Carried.

Physician Incentive Agreement:

852/20 – Applin/Simonson:  That we make draft changes to the Physician Incentive Agreement as discussed, and further send a copy of the revisions to the other municipalities who are a part of the Joint Health Committee being the R.M. of Rudy No. 284 and R.M. of Fertile Valley No. 285 for review and feedback.  Carried.

October 6 Special Meeting

Others Present: Greg Hazel, Building Operations Manager of Walker Projects

Milt Walker, President and CEO of Walker Projects

Brendon Franz, Architectural Technologist of Walker Projects


Melanie Gamble and Erin Garbe of Small Steps Early Learning Centre arrived at the meeting at 6:13p.m. to present a proposal to operate a before and after school program in dressing room #5 of the Jim Kook RecPlex.

Small Steps Facility Rental Agreement:

855/20 – Smith/McLeod:  That we accept the proposal from Small Steps Early Learning Centre to rent dressing room #5 at the Jim Kook RecPlex at a rate of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per week to commence as early as October 13, 2020, with the user only required to pay for dates they utilize the facility, and further that the termination notice period be stated as thirty (30) days.  Carried.

Borrowing by way of Debenture:

856/20 – Childerhose/Applin:  That an application be made to the Local Government Committee for permission to borrow by way of debentures, the sum of two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) in 2020, repayable over a period of fifteen (15) years, for the purpose of constructing a new firehall, debentures to be repayable so that the principal and interest are combined and made payable in equal annual installments during the term of the securities, interest at the rate of 2.04 per centum, per annum, payable at least annually.  Carried.

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