Outlook town council previous minutes & motions

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of several meetings held by the town council of Outlook.  The following are highlighted motions and informational points that were made at those meetings, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions.

January 27 Regular Meeting

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Bowling Alley:

39/21- Grotheim/McLeod:  That the Bowling Alley be re-opened to the public, adhering to Provincial COVID-19 guidelines once light renovations are completed.  Carried.


40/21 – Husband/Grotheim:  That the Recreation Director pursue lighting options for the Co-Op Community Rink.  Carried.

Civic Centre Phase Plans:

44/21 – McLeod/Turton:  That Council instructs the CAO to contact the building inspector to ensure the construction phases are okay to proceed with, and further instruct the Project Manager to remove the COR certification from the proposed tender document.  Carried.

Librarian Wages – Retroactive Pay

48/21 – Grotheim/McLeod:  That Council directs the CAO to pay the Acting Librarian retroactive pay to the date of when she took over the position.  Carried.

53/21 – Stephenson/McLeod:  That Mayor Weiterman be authorized to speak with the account holder of Utility Account #3002 000 to discuss a resolution to their unresolved grievance.  Carried.

February 1 Special Meeting

Landfill Reconfiguration:

56/21 – Grotheim/Turton:  That we install a new 400A 120/240V IPH service in the new pole shed building at the landfill complete with WP metering equipment, 400A 120/240V fusible switch, 400A splitter and 200A 120/240V 40/80CCT panel and 100A 2P feeder breaker for the existing scale building service, and further remove existing 200A 120/240V IPH service in the scale building and install a 100A 120/240V 32/64CCT panel complete with all necessary breakers to refeed existing circuits.  Carried.

57/21 – Bruce/McLeod:  That we proceed with utilizing the existing attendant/scale building, and further instruct the CAO to contact the Building Inspector to find out if an energy audit would be required if the building is renovated.  Carried.

58/21 – Husband/Turton:  That we instruct the CAO to contact LB Welding and Hank’s Concrete Service to inquire as to whether their original quotes for the galvanized gate are still valid, and further instruct that if updated costs are within 10% of the originally quoted prices that they be instructed to proceed with the work.  Carried.

59/21 – Grotheim/Bruce:  That we invoice Associated Engineering for the tire damage to the Town’s loader, and further advise our Project Manager that we do not want it coming off the project bill.  Carried.

February 16 Special Meeting

CAO Termination of Employment

64/21- Turton/Grotheim:  That Council terminate Erinn Schreiner’s employment, and further appoint Rachel Sillers as Acting Administrator for a period of no more than three (3) months effective immediately.  Carried.

February 17 Recreation Committee Meeting

Recommendation: That we donate a chest-style freezer from the Jim Kook RecPlex Kitchen to the Outlook & District Food Bank, and further if we do not require the glass-top freezer from the kitchen at the Van Raay & Community Swimming pool that we donate it to the Outlook & District Food Bank as well, or sell both freezers if the Food Bank does not need them.

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