Outlook town council previous minutes & motions

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of the February 24 council meeting held by the town council of Outlook.  The following are highlighted motions and informational points that were made at that meeting, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions.

February 24 Regular Council Meeting

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Communities in Bloom:

71/21 – Bruce/Grotheim:  That we register for the 2021 Communities in Bloom program in the non-evaluated “friends” category at a cost of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00).  Carried.

Freezer Donation:

73/21 – McLeod/Grotheim:  That we offer a chest-style deep freezer to the Outlook & District Food Bank as a donation.  Carried.

Ice Plant Repairs:

74/21 – Grotheim/Husband:  That we authorize the repairs to the ice plant at the Jim Kook RecPlex at a cost of two thousand five hundred and seventeen dollars and two cents ($2,517.02) as per the quote provided from Living Sky Refrigeration.  Carried.

Landfill Reconfiguration Project:

78/21 – Grotheim/Turton:  That we accept the quote from Link’s Backhoe & Skidsteer Services for the supply and install of a 1000 gallon fiberglass septic holding tank in the amount of twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500.00) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Approval of Payments:

85/21 – Stephenson/Bruce:  That we acknowledge and approve the list of payments being cheques #51452, #51477, #51503 and #51535 to #51586 inclusive and online payments #383 to #395 inclusive in the amount of three hundred and eighteen thousand two hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty-six cents ($318,287.56) and payroll deposits in the amount of thirty thousand two hundred and fourteen dollars and seven cents ($30,214.07) as attached hereto to form a part of these minutes.  Carried.

Civic Centre Project:

86/21 – McLeod/Bruce:  That we authorize Walker Projects to proceed with tendering out the Civic Centre project.  Carried.

Signing Authority and Credit Card:

87/21 – Turton/Husband:  That we authorize Acting Administrator Rachel Sillers to update the Bank of Montreal signing authority documents and apply for a temporary credit card with a ten thousand-dollar ($10,000.00) limit.  Carried.

Council Chambers Project Boards:

88/21 – Grotheim/Turton:  That we purchase two (2) 48” x 96” whiteboards for the Council chambers at a cost of six hundred and twenty-four dollars and ninety-eight cents ($624.98) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Landfill Decommissioning Ultimate Recipient Agreement:

91/21 – McLeod/Turton:  That we accept the draft Ultimate Recipient Agreement for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program Landfill Decommissioning Project as presented.  Carried.

Lots 6-7, Block 12, Plan T6729 Development Permit:

92/21 – Grotheim/McLeod:  That we require cash in lieu of the four (4) additional off-street parking spaces at a cost of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) each as per section 4.9.3 of Bylaw 08(2014) known as the Zoning Bylaw.  Carried.

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Membership:

93/21 – Grotheim/Husband:  That we renew our membership with the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards for the 2021 year at a cost of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).  Carried.

Head Librarian:

96/21 – Turton/Grotheim:  That we hire Susan Kasper for the position of Head Librarian with an hourly rate of pay of $20.49, and further authorize the Local Library Board to determine her starting date.  Carried.

D. Rafoss Wage Review:

97/21 – McLeod/Grotheim:  That we establish Darren Rafoss’ hourly rate of pay at $23.09 effective March 1, 2021.  Carried.

Mentorship Contract:

98/21 – Stephenson/McLeod:  That we enter into a Contract for Municipal Administration Services with Huguette Lutz for the purpose of mentorship effective February 24, 2021, a copy attached hereto to form a part of these minutes.  Carried.

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