Outlook town council previous minutes & motions

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of several meetings held by or featuring town councillors of Outlook.  The following are highlighted motions and informational points that were made at those meetings, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions.

March 24 Outlook Bypass Meeting

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These notes are in a memo from as it was an informal meeting

Attendees:  Town of Outlook: Mayor – Maureen Weiterman, Deputy Mayor – Kyle McLeod

RM of Rudy:  Reeve – Dennis Fuglerud, Deputy Reeve – Kent Harrington

Assistant Administrators: Trent Sim and Joanne Rependa

Dept. of Highways:  John Moynham, Wayne Brown, Marc Herchak

Dept of Highway reps arrived at 10:03am

After introductions, Trent gave a summary of the history of the Outlook Bypass issue.

Kent and Dennis brought up the RM concerns with the bypass.  The safety concern of the public as units are trying to pull on and off the bypass, noting that this sometimes requires backing up the large units to navigate the pin curve, as well as fixing damage done to the bypass.

John stated that this is not the responsibility of the Dept. of Highways, but the liability lies with the transport company and therefore the dept. was not obligated to do anything.  As far as repairing the road, that is solely at the cost of the RM.

Maureen brought up the Town’s concern of the extreme traffic that goes through the town and speed that they come through.

John said that the corner in Outlook was reconstructed to manage the transport traffic that would go through town and if the agreement was signed which states the O D classification of transport using the bypass, the traffic would be considerably less.

Kent and Dennis brought up the clauses that refer to the RM maintaining the bypass to primary weight conditions.  The bypass is at secondary weight restriction and losing its integrity due to the quantity and mass of the loads that are using it now.  Both the Town and RM representatives made it clear that neither had the money to rebuilt this road to primary.

John strongly encouraged the agreement to be signed, as many other RMs have agreed already, and that he was only wanting us to get the payment form (from?) the Dept. of Highways, as minimal as that is.

Marc agreed that he would take the agreement back and adjust the wording to address: the primary weight, and at Kent’s reminder, the notation that liability of safety and damage rested on the transport companies (noted on the signage as well).  Marc reports that the agreement has been revised so that it emphasizes over dimension, not primary weight.

The amended agreement was promised to be sent to Trent before our next council meeting for a further review and consideration.

John asked if the Dept. of Highways needed to send agreements to both the Town and the RM or just the RM?  Maureen said that she would need to ask her council.

Meeting ended at 11:09am.

In a follow-up email, Marc Herchak noted the following:

The meeting minutes say I (Marc) reported that the agreement has been revised so that it emphasizes over dimension, not primary weight.

Just to clarify, I said Clause 6.2 in the agreement currently states:

“The Municipality shall allow all trucks to operate at primary weight on the entire length of the ODB Route in each year of this Agreement from…”

Has been amended to:

“The Municipality shallow allow all trucks with an OD permit to operate at primary weight on the entire length of the ODB Route in each year of the Agreement from…”

March 24 Regular Council Meeting

Contracted Street Sweeping:

145/21 – McLeod/Husband:  That we contract Virtue Construction and Street Sweeping to conduct a town-wide street sweeping in spring of 2021 at an estimate cost of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Contracted Dust Suppressant Application:

146/21 – Turton/Grotheim:  That we contract C4 Outdoors to conduct custom dust suppressant application at an estimated cost of nine thousand dollars ($9,000.00) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

Water Main Valve Replacement:

147/21 – Stephenson/Husband:  That we authorize Brunner’s Construction to replace the main water valve locate at the intersection of Saskatchewan Avenue and Selkirk Street at an estimated cost of thirteen thousand and two hundred dollars ($13,200.00) plus applicable taxes.  Carried.

148/21 – Grotheim/Husband:  That we approve the Traffic Detour Plan from Brunner’s Construction and ATS Traffic for the water main valve replacement at the intersection of Saskatchewan Avenue and Selkirk Street as presented.  Carried.

RecPlex Kitchen Renovations

150/21 – Grotheim/Bruce:  That we authorize the painting of the kitchen at the Jim Kook RecPlex, and further authorize the purchase of new kitchen cabinets in the amount of seven hundred and sixteen dollars ($716.00) plus applicable taxes and freight, and the installation of a triple compartment sink at an estimated cost of eight thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine dollars and ninety-three cents ($8,729.93).  Carried.

Administration Office Furnishings:

157/21 – McLeod/Turton:  That we authorize the purchase of a reception desk from The Source Furnishings at an estimated cost of five thousand six hundred and eight dollars and three cents ($5,608.03).  Carried.

Insurance Settlement:

160/21 – Stephenson/McLeod:  That we authorize an insurance claim settlement payment in the amount of two thousand three hundred dollars ($2,300.00) for the liability claim dated November 25, 2019 as per the recommendation from our insurance agent at SUMAssure, provided that the claimant signs the final release waiver, a copy attached hereto to form a part of these minutes.  Carried.

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