Outlook town council previous minutes & motions

The Outlook has obtained the adopted minutes of several meetings held by or featuring town councillors of Outlook.  The following are highlighted motions and informational points that were made at those meetings, including any motions made after council exited in-camera discussions.

April 14 Regular Council Meeting

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Pest Control:

173/21 – Stephenson/Grotheim:  That we appoint Lloyd Smith as a designated Pest Control Shooter for crows and magpies in the Town of Outlook for the duration of the 2021 year.  Carried.

Barrich Farms Request-INV# 2020-00619:

177/21 – Stephenson/Bruce:  That we charge Barrich Farms two thirds (2/3) of their existing landfill bill.

Councillor Grotheim Requested a Recorded Vote:

In Favour: Stephenson, Husband, McLeod, Bruce, Weiterman

Opposed: Grotheim, Turton


Councillor Husband declared a conflict of interest on agenda item 8.2 and left the meeting at 8:09 p.m.

Mann Street Subdivision Conceptual Development Servicing Plan:

Grotheim/:  That we task Urban Systems to do a storm water concept plan for Mann Street Subdivision at a cost of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00).

Note: The above motion was not considered as it was not seconded.

Councillor Husband returned to the meeting at 8:41p.m.

Appoint Building Official:

178/21 – Bruce/Stephenson:  That we appoint Municode Services Ltd. as the Town of Outlook Building Official.  Carried.

April 21 Recreation Committee Meeting

Recommendation: That the arena rates be recommended to Council for approval and that Minor Sports and Skate Club be notified that their rates will not be affected for the 2021-2022 season but that they WILL be changed for 2022-2023 ice time rates and no longer per user rates to facilitate more efficient ice use.

The Stay ‘n Play packages are being put facilitated by Megan and she is working with Outlook and District Regional Park as well as the golf course and museum and including activities that her department provides (pool, RecPlex). She will expand packages and include other accommodations and activities as well as possibly places to eat. Megan continues to work on these for the coming tourist season.

Sask Lotteries applications are slow to come in this year, and the recreation department is set to allocate unapplied funds to community activities such as setting up disc golf. The recreation department only allocates funds designated for the Town of Outlook. Kevin will ask the RM of Rudy to ensure that they are also receiving their annual allocation.

Megan is looking for a building to be used as a first aid room for the pool, she is hoping to use one of the buildings. Megan will check it out and see if any building is appropriate for that. There was conversation about what the Town plans to do with Camp Outlook, suggestion was made that the buildings could be tendered for sale and the park could develop the space for camping, staff will follow up.

Members will be touring the RecPlex following the meeting to see the work done so far on the kitchen and look at the painted lines on the ice pad.

The meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

April 22 Protective Services Committee Meeting

The agenda for this meeting included the following items:

1. Fire Protection Agreements

2. Member Rates charged to 3rd parties vs. rates paid to members

3. Tax implications for members – due diligence Town of Outlook

4. Fire Hall Renovation

The committee discussed the current Fire Protection Agreements with the RM of Rudy, the Villages of Broderick and Glenside that will expire at the end of 2021. The RM of Rudy has expressed interest in changing the model and securing more transparency and accountability regarding the Town of Outlook’s reporting of the operation of Outlook Fire and Rescue. The committee wishes the Town to work toward a renewed transparent and accountable partnership with the stakeholders. The committee is open to establishing a different model that will work for all. More work needs to be done between the Town and the stakeholders before we can report progress. The CAO will work with Trent from the RM to set up a joint meeting.

Rates and CRA rules regarding the payment of on-call rates to members was discussed. The CAO will be discussing this with the Chief and a new strategy will be implemented as soon as possible.

A small fire hall renovation to improve the members’ locker space and ability to get dressed and answer calls quicker as well as make space for future capital purchases to be accommodated was reviewed by the committee.

Recommendation: The committee recommends to Town Council to proceed with the Fire Hall renovation, the CAO securing quotes from other contractors/suppliers to ensure that we get the best pricing

The meeting adjourned at 6:13p.m.

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