Outlook Votes 2020: Weiterman voted in as Mayor

Whether it was at the advance polls, by the mail-in ballot option or on Election Day itself this past Monday, November 9, voters in the Town of Outlook made their decision and elected Maureen Weiterman as the next mayor of Outlook for the next four years.  Weiterman defeated the incumbent B. Ross Derdall, who had served in the role since 2016.

As well, the six available seats on Outlook’s town council were filled by Kevin Grotheim, Kyle McLeod, Bob Stephenson, Justin Turton, Ryan Husband, and Sharon Bruce.

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The ballot numbers for the mayoral race were as follows:

Maureen Weiterman - 703
B. Ross Derdall - 114
Total number of votes - 824
Total votes spoiled - 7

The ballot numbers for council seats were as follows:

Sharon Bruce - 437
Kevin Grotheim - 541
Ryan Husband - 427
Kyle McLeod - 574
Bob Stephenson - 534
Justin Turton - 494

See detailed council voter numbers below this article.

Although Mother Nature and Old Man Winter teamed up to dump virtually a season’s worth of snow in the province of Saskatchewan overnight into Monday morning, officials with the Town of Outlook assured voters that the election was still on.  The provincial government had issued a measure on Monday morning that returning officers had the option of postponing municipal and/or school elections in their specific communities.  The snowfall failed to deter Outlook from ‘rocking the vote’, with a number of people offering rides to the polling station if they required one.

Outlook’s municipal election saw a sizable amount of interest not only by residents with a voice to be heard and a vote to be cast, but by an impressive field of 13 candidates who put their names forward for consideration.

With the newest group of decision-makers voted in, many will be paying close attention to how they will represent the community as Outlook hopes to move toward continued prosperity and growth.

Results for Town of Outlook council seats. Photo from Town of Outlook Facebook page.
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