Photo contest to show off Outlook community

Are you handy with a camera?  Do you have an eye for that perfect, attention-grabbing, postcard-worthy shot?

Well, you may want to consider entering a photo contest being organized by the Town of Outlook, in connection with the Communities in Bloom organization.

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The Town is looking for the best photos that capture what makes Outlook stand out as a community and are asking residents to submit their best snapshots.  Photos will be posted to the Town of Outlook’s Facebook page, where followers will be able to vote for the best ones by way of ‘likes’.  The top five photos with the most likes will then be submitted on behalf of the Town to the contest being run by Communities in Bloom.

The photographers who submitted the top five chosen snapshots will each receive a Town of Outlook travel mug and cap.

Possible ideas for photos may include subjects such as flower displays, walking or biking trails, parks, and any of Outlook’s heritage features – anything that you think makes the community stand out.

Rules of the photo contest are as follows:

  • All photos must be received by September 7th, 2020.
  • Photos featuring drugs or alcohol will not be accepted.
  • Entrants must be able to provide a copy of the photo to the Town of Outlook and/or the Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association for submission.
  • There is no limit to how many photos can be entered
  • Contestant must be 18 years or older or have the permission of a parent or guardian to enter.
  • Submitted photos need to represent the community of the Town of Outlook
  • All entrants must submit a signed copy of the SPRA Photo Release Form to be eligible for entry.

Photo submissions can be emailed to along with a signed copy of the Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association’s photo release form.  The form is available for download on the Town’s Facebook page.

Get snapping away, Outlook!

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