Reported break-ins at Loreburn last week

A number of break-ins that took place in the village of Loreburn late last week have local residents concerned and spreading the word on social media.

Local resident Vanessa Tastad took to her Facebook account on Saturday, April 17 to post the following two photos of one of the alleged suspects and shared details of what happened in the community.

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It seems the crimes took place early on Friday morning, April 16, in which the RM office, the post office, and the library had been broken into.  Cameras that were installed at the RM office were able to capture images of one of the suspects, and it’s said there may have been two of them committing the crimes.  The images were said to be taken from 1:45 to 2:05 am, as well as 3:30 to 4:15 am.

loreburn suspect
The person alleged to be one of the suspects in Loreburn.

If you recognize this individual or have any other important information, you’re being asked to contact the Outlook/Elbow RCMP detachment.

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