RM says no trespassing in Bounty community

The RM of Fertile Valley is making the public aware that the tiny hamlet of Bounty, located approximately 22 kilometers west of Outlook, is comprised predominantly of private properties.  As such, the RM posted the following to its Facebook page declaring that there is to be no trespassing in the area:

"No Trespassing signs have been posted in our hamlet of Bounty.  All properties within Bounty are private properties and are owned by the municipality and individuals.  Please respect the signs and the properties.  Although social media has labelled Bounty as a 'ghost town', you are trespassing if you do not own property in Bounty."

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The area has seen change in the last number of years, namely with the removal of the legendary Bounty hall, which was moved over to Outlook in August 2014.

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