Town Locations Marked by Vandalism

Buildings, residences tagged with spray paint symbols

Residents of Outlook were not pleased when multiple incidents of vandalism came to light in the middle of last week, as a number of locations and residences around town were targeted.

Vandals took gold-colored spray paint and tagged the exterior of the Legion Hall, the Kinsmen Park, and a building used at the museum, as well as several garage doors and fences belonging to private residences.

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One of the more predominant symbols seen in the graffiti in some places are the letters ‘T’ and ‘S’, in some cases with the ‘T’ crossing through the ‘S’.  This particular marking was recognized by some people on social media as the symbol for a Saskatoon and Prince Albert-based street gang known as the Terror Squad.  As well, the name ‘Sask Prophets’ and the initials ‘SP’ are seen in some of the markings, but the origins or meaning of that name isn’t known at this time, nor if the vandalism was indeed caused by possible gang members.

As word of the vandalism spread on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, town employees worked at having it cleaned up by the time Friday had arrived.

However, even with the gold paint and bizarre symbols and phrasing gone, the incident has troubled people with its harsh and blatant showing of disrespect, particularly to buildings belonging to local organizations that represent remembrance, history, and a gathering place for family fun.

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