Town obtains an 'unheard of' amount of funding

The Town of Outlook appears to be sitting pretty when it comes to an unprecedented amount of funding that has been obtained in recent times.

The July 8 town council meeting shed light on recent grant and funding numbers that have been successfully applied for and approved, which amounts to an impressive total of $572,414.00.  It was said that this number doesn’t include future grants that may be coming the Town’s way, pending further applications and approvals in the future.

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That accumulative amount of funding and grants are broken down into the following categories.

$5,610 in first quarter grant funding from the Multi-Material Stewardship Western;

$15,115 grant funds from SGI for a new pedestrian crosswalk;

$32,671 for an ECO Center building project;

$57,000 in Canada Summer grant funding;

$134,461 in Gas Tax funding for 2020, which will be used for the Town’s stormwater outfall rehabilitation.  Over a period of five years, the total grant funding will be $698,918.00.

$327,557 in approved funding from the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP) that will go towards the renovations of the Outlook Civic Centre.

Council was ecstatic about the funding numbers, noting that such a total funding number is an “absolutely monumental” feat that has never been reached before in Outlook.  Administrator Huguette Lutz and all the town office staff were commended by council for their work in pursuing grants and funding.

With such a large amount of applied and approved dollars making their way to Outlook for all manner of infrastructure and community-minded projects, it certainly appears on the surface that the town is making waves for its immediate future.

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