Town Processed Huge Material Amounts in 2018

Community's well-known recycling program continues to be successful

The sheer numbers behind the Town of Outlook’s recycling program as it relates to the year-end volume stats certainly have to be read to be believed.

Acting Superintendent Luke Lockhart provided The Outlook with a copy of the total numbers for materials that were processed in 2018, and they include the following:

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  • Cardboard:  297 bails weighing 408,621 lbs
  • Mixed Paper:  53 bails weighing 87,514 lbs
  • Newsprint:  25 bails weighing 36,973 lbs
  • Granulated Plastics:  28 bulk bags weighing 34,016 lbs
  • Plastic Film:  20 bails weighing 24,539 lbs
  • Glass:  24,216 lbs
  • Tin:  15 bails weighing 19,578 lbs

The 438 combined bails and bulk bags made for a total combined weight of 635,457 lbs of materials that were processed in 2018.

Certainly, these large numbers show that the Town’s recycling program continues to be a success.

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