Unlawful Entry at Outlook Pool Location (PHOTO)

Eavestrough damaged in illegal activity

It would seem that someone or possibly a group of people have been letting themselves inside the Van Raay & Community Swimming Pool in Outlook after hours.

That was the concern raised by Recreation Director Jordy Jones when he brought the issue to the most recent meeting of Outlook’s town council last week.

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A photo that Jones took shows a section of the eavestrough connected to the facility’s mechanical building that appears to be bent downward, suggesting that it’s being used as an entry site.

pool damage
Damage to an eavestrough connected to the pool's mechanical building. - Jordy Jones

The pool location does have barbed wire on its fencing around the perimeter, but that doesn’t appear to deter whoever is hopping the fence.  If one were to theorize, it’s possible that the electrical boxes on the exterior of the mechanical building are being used as foot-holds as someone grips the eavestrough to gain access to the roof.

Regardless of how this illegal access to the pool is being done, Rec Director Jones and the Town of Outlook want it stopped immediately.

Discussing the matter with council, it was said that the Town could look into installing surveillance cameras at the pool, but there may be a question of exactly where they could be installed and when they would be in operation.  One solution could be that any cameras installed at the facility would only run after hours.

At the time of this issue, Jones and the Town were set to explore their surveillance options.

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