Update: Positive outcome after Outlook money and masks stolen

A heartwarming update to last week’s front-page story we brought you concerning the theft of donated money and protective masks from a home in Outlook.

Kimberley Case had told The Outlook that a pair of individuals had visited her residence on Semple Street and made off with approximately $80 in donated funds and a large stack of the protective masks that Case sews every day and leaves in an accessible part of her home.  Kimberley chalked it up to people doing “desperate things in desperate times” and just went about her business.

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After the article was published on our website, within mere hours there was a positive outcome that showed something good can come out of something bad.

Reader Ryan Fiacco of Red Deer, Alberta reached out to Case after reading what had happened and decided to send her $80 through an online banking transfer, effectively replacing the money that had been stolen.

Case thanked Fiacco on the Outlook & District Bulletin Board page on Facebook.

“Bless you Ryan, such generosity!  That sure wasn’t expected, but gratefully received!  You are a good soul!”

“I just hope you carry on being the blessing you have been.  And may you have many more blessings come your way.  Thank you for making your town such an amazing place,” Ryan responded.

A fine example of people showing that despite the troubles of the world right now, there is still a lot of good out there.

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