Campaign Looks to Have $5 Bill Honor Tommy Douglas

Organizers see Douglas, the father of Medicare, as a fitting candidate

POWELL RIVER, BC. (Feb. 14, 2020) - Two ex-prairie boys believe that Tommy Douglas “The Father Of Medicare” and the “Greatest Canadian” should be the next bank NOTE-able Canadian. They have joined forces for this unique opportunity by creating a website and Facebook page about Tommy and how Canadians can vote for him.

“Tommy Douglas is ‘The Father of Medicare.’ His belief in the importance of universal medical care has saved millions of Canadians from having to choose between their homes and their life. Americans know the agony that comes with that type of decision. Tommy has saved all Canadians from that type of agony,” said Ron Woznow, idea originator.

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“In 1962 Medicare was started in Saskatchewan and then by the federal government in 1966.” said Robin Murray, webmaster. “Douglas has been an inspiration for many Canadians from sea to sea for his social activism. He was defined by his belief that his job as a politician was to help create a better society for all. Tommy Douglas is the historic Canadian who should appear on the new five dollar bill.”

The countdown is on to have Douglas enshrined in Canadian currency history as "the next bank NOTE-able Canadian".

You can support the initiative by visiting the website at

Follow the campaign on Facebook @TommyDouglasForNewCanadianFiveDollarBill

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