The Ruttle Report - Peering Into the Cloudy Crystal Ball

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year, and whenever I look back on the previous twelve months, I’m always taken aback by just how much stuff actually goes down in our little part of the world.  For that, I simply say thanks for making life around these parts so darn interesting, folks.

I also have to look ahead at what the next twelve months may bring on three different levels – local, provincial and national.

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So what’s in store for us in 2019?  How will the year treat Outlook and area?  What will our provincial government do to keep us happy?  Is there *anything* our federal government can do to accomplish that goal as well?

Trying to make solid predictions is always something of a crapshoot because nothing is crystal clear about the future, even with intended plans.  As a result, the future can sometimes be a bit cloudy.

But hey, I’m willing to give it a shot if you’re willing to read my half-serious, half-sarcastic take on the year ahead.  Shall we?

I predict that the upcoming public town meeting in Outlook at the end of the month will be another mixed bag, much like the previous one in late 2017.  These kinds of outings never guarantee satisfaction across the board, and there are always going to be people who’ll wish that *this* was talked about, or *that* topic came up in discussion.  But while that’s very true, I also see it being another success, again, like the previous meeting.  The end result or personal takes on such an event are one thing, but I hope the sheer turnout is another high number.  Show your elected officials that you give a damn just by showing up.

I also predict that, like most other public events, people will be scared to sit in the front.  Like c’mon, people, it’s not like you’re going to be singled out!

I predict that the opening of the cannabis store in Outlook – Hive Cannabis – will be a decidedly uneventful affair.  I don’t mean that as any sort of dig on them, I just think that it’ll be a grand opening type of event like most others; the doors will open, it’ll be a big opening day, and like other businesses, we’ll eventually see the core customer base support it.  In some ways, I feel that the store may have missed the boat by not being open for business on October 17.  But hey, I know for a fact that many people are anxiously awaiting the store’s opening, so I hope it’s a big success that contributes to local commerce.

I predict that the opening of the new swimming pool facility will be a landmark event for the community of Outlook.  This town has been incredibly fortunate to have had some historic happenings and events under its belt, with some of it being just in the last couple of years, like the human Canada flag formed at the OHS football field, or all of the Canada 150 events, or the return of the Harvest Festival.  The opening of the pool is another one to add to that list.  I predict a grand opening to be held on a warm day (organizers will hopefully look ahead at the long-term forecast) in perhaps early June, maybe on a Friday afternoon to help kick off the weekend.  There will be speeches, a ribbon will be cut, I’m sure more than a few tears shed at the sheer realization of this pool finally, FINALLY becoming a reality, and the ceremony will end with a handful of kids excitedly jumping into the water to officially declare it open for business.  With that, the book will close on a project that was half a decade in the making.

I also predict that the question of “Why isn’t the pool in the regional park?” will finally be retired for good, putting to rest this endless inquiry that has already been explained approximately three million times.  Unless of course it gets asked at the grand opening itself, at which point I’m sure one of the committee members may just have an aneurysm.

I predict that the federal election in the fall, though enjoying a nice upswing in voter turnout, won’t be as cut and dried results-wise as some may think or even hope.  Trudeau and the Liberals definitely have their opposers, and those people will make sure to vote good and early, but you can be sure that Justin is going to use every political play in the book to make sure that his supporters exercise their right.  In the end, though, I do see Trudeau no longer being Prime Minister.

Whether Justin leaves politics altogether and becomes a charismatic Broadway performer due to his lovable penchant for dressing up is perhaps best left for another column.

Is this what 2019 has in store for us?  I guess we play the waiting game to find out together.

For this week, that’s been the Ruttle Report.

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