Letter to the Editor - April 2 Edition

Editor’s Note:  The writer of this letter was reluctant to have it published because she did not want anyone to think her concerns come from being a blood relation to one of the health providers in town. But she has relatives in health care in Spain who have been struggling for weeks in the hospitals and she wants to draw attention to how serious this is.

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My name is Ida Padilla Pedrero. I am a permanent resident of Canada now and have been a member of this community of Outlook for more than 3 years.

I need to share these ideas with you urgently. Maybe I have been too slow, but what I am experiencing is unbelievable, like we all have, so the moment calls.

I am deeply concerned about the present circumstances. What I want to express here is my concern specifically about the health workers in town: our nurses, home care givers, seniors’ home staff, kitchen and cleaning employees, office staff, doctors, all those who have not stopped working and will not. Those who have our health and lives in their brains, hands and hearts; those who have families at home in isolation.

I, as a member of this community, would appreciate very much if EVERYONE stays safe and healthy, not only for themselves, but for the benefit of those valuable people who are vulnerable and are risking their lives every day.

Be smart, be responsible, do what is right. Stop being so ignorant about what is going on. Be grateful for the hospital, the clinic and the health providers this town has. It is a time for even more respect and appreciation for what they are doing.

The town of Outlook can still have the victory of not being invaded by Covid-19. Let us behave positively and stay safe for ourselves, families, friends, Saskatchewan, and Canada.

Thanks for reading this. (Gracias)
Ida Padilla

Outlook, SK

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